Ome of the best Lambo's ever

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  1. The Miura was phenominal, a great car with lots of invovative features, like a transversly mounted V12, a transmission incorparated into the block, and looks that were to die for.
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    too bad about instability at high speed and the fact that it was one of the hardest cars to handle at low speed. right up with a ferrari 365 gtb/4 daytona
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    Don't forget the Miura's tendency to catch fire. Doesn't matter though I'd take one any day - To me it is simply lovely especially in orange or red/gold colour schemes.
  4. sweet

    wow look at the performance figures it put out way backin '71, top speed 180, off only 385 bhp, most be all areodynamics!!!!!!!!!
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    Couldn't agree more with you great performance for that year and a respectable performance today, considering that this is a 31 year old car.

    Just awesome.
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    sweetest Italian car ever made. why did they bother with the countach? it was ugly. this is beautiful. and 180 mph!
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    this is so hot i like the way the entire front and back come up. And they made the countach becuase it was faster, Plus lamborghini wanted a new design so if they designed the countach and called it a miura with that dramatic different it wouldnt be a miura<!-- Signature -->
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    This car really kicks ass, it's design is superb (altough i prefer the Countach) and it's performance was a good response for Ferrari 275 GTB, and 375 Daytona (why ferrari kept the front engine so long? only for purists to like them?) Miura's handling at high speeds was out of sights for road going cars, this car really was one of the best supercars at it's time, and a very strong runner even today.
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    I put it in the top three of the most beautiful cars ever built.

    1 Ferrari 250 GTO
    2 Lamborghini Miura SV(J)
    3 Pagani Zonda C12-S<!-- Signature -->
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    The most beautiful lambo ever built! The only thing that let this down was the poor panel fit!<!-- Signature -->
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    Looks kinda like another great car by tha name of Ford gt40 <IMG SRC="">
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    This is most definetly a sweet car. And I have to agree, it does resemble the GT40, but I like the Miura much better, plus I love Lamborghinis. And I don't see and resemblence between the Miura and the Countach. And if there were no Countach (replying to Maxpower's comment on how the countach is ugly and why they even bothered to make it), they would have never thought up the Diablo, my all time fav car. Nothing much can compare to it to me.
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    the countach is awesome, but the engine hood w/ the slats looks just plain sweet<!-- Signature -->
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    yer this is mad i got to do work experiance in a prestige car place and they had one so i was vcleaning it and shit.

    it was in lime green it was madddddddd
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from theimportguy</i>
    <b>And if there were no Countach...they would have never thought up the Diablo</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> I Totally agree with this statement. The Miura is most definitely the most beautiful classic Lamborghini - after that nothing came close until the Diablo. The Ford GT40 was also a very good looking car of that period, but to me it doesn't quite resemble the Miura, nor does it compare head-on in the sheer beauty department.
  16. Fastest looking Lambo ever

    Fastest looking "Ghini" ever!
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    This IS a pretty, I wonder what I would think it is if I saw it before...<!-- Signature -->
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    This car really looks fast even when standing still. Very purposeful.
  19. Those classic lines!

    My god! This would have to rate as one of the most sexy cars of all time! Better styling than the Countach and 1st generation Diablos!<!-- Signature -->
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    Ywp, its lines are so graceful - yet the car was a staggering performer. Its combination of Muscle + Sports/Luxury is and always will be unmatched! True beauty is spelled M-I-U-R-A.<!-- Signature -->
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    i like the countach better, it is not a bull or bullfighter. it is italien for mystery or whatever.<!-- Signature -->
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    It is very classic, though I can't agree with those grates on the hood. It sort of ruins the whole front view of the car. I also think the headlights are sort of weird, but since I like 928's so much why should I complain?
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    I feel the lines of the Miura are simply unbeatable. The grilles on the hood and the "eyelashes" around the headlights suit this car perfectly. I just love the Miura.
  24. 71 Lamborghini Muria P400 SV

    Can anybody tell me if this car is for sale and if so how much?
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    About $180,000.

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