omg a twin turbocharged v12... wut a beast

Discussion in '2001 B.Engineering Edonis' started by 6DIA6BLO6, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. this thing is so coool i remember seeing it in the first magazine it was featured in this thing was like the one of the cars that i loved back in the day...
  2. Re: omg a twin turbocharged v12... wut a beast

    4.2 secons is kinda a lot of time to go to 60 with a V12 and so much hp.
  3. it is slow in 0-60 only cuz of turbo lag.....
  4. viper 1000tt twin turbo charged v10 1000hp
  5. yes, how does dodge come up with a twin turbo v10 with 1000 hp, and these guys only get 680 hp??
  6. Twin turbocharged V12, 680 hp, only 1500 lbs, but only 4.2 0-60. my guess is the gear ratio is set up to generate max speed. a car this light can't be expected to perform on a track, it would be impossible to handle. i'd love to try tho. lol
  7. actually it has 1127hp.

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