omg my car would own this

Discussion in '1922 Lancia Lambda' started by Paul UMN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What kind of a supercar is this? I bet my car would own it and then I could like pull a uturn and go back to where I started from and then catch up to this POS and own it again. What the hell is this? Lambada! Is this a spanish car? The Lambada?
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    Supercars dont have to be built in the last 10 years or whatever. This car started what we call....the supercar. manufactures started to copy one another (and they still do) and they each wanted to be better than the other. this car was a millstone for performance cars. its the reason why we have performance cars.

    Ok yeah, sure its seems slow on todays terms but back then it was the fastest thing going. It was a supercar in those days. Just think of it in the cars hayday. dont compair it to todays cars because it just would be fair.

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    You car not the sharpest tool in the shed are you this car is from 1928 what do you want.<!-- Signature -->
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    people dont kno what they are talkin bout here
    this car was around before our parents and maybe our grandparents
    back when they used horses to get around
    what the hell do you expect a twin turbo v12<!-- Signature -->
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    dont listen to him<!-- Signature -->
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    First of all, it's "Lambda": a Greek letter. Secondly, as Shaney pointed out, this vehicle was designed seventy-five years ago, and cannot be held to today's standards. If you'll note the innovations, such as the attention to weight vs. horsepower or independent front/rear suspension, you'll realise the fact that this was a truly innovative vehicle in its day. In the future, please do not speak without thinking.
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    Thank you all. My sentiments exactly. I hope you're creating your new account as we speak dullard because you wont get any credibility with this one.
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    Some people should be banished from forums they don't ANYTHING about and be put in forums they do know something about. But this guy? I wouldn't know any forum where is talked about things as stupid as he is.

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