OMG wuts your favorit American car??!@

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Big Rob, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. AMC PACER!!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  2. Yep that's it! well it's got passion, a passion to make you feel comfortable. It has an air-con.
  3. Thanks for n00bing up the thread, 426.
  5. omg!@ seriously this car is so retarded. Why would you need a 4litre engine to make 98hp?!
  6. Ford F-150, No. 1 seller in the USA
  7. He's not the only one Rob... and why is that always the most clueless are Vette fanboys? tell me...
  8. Whats the matter you cant come up with a good comeback for my last post?? So now you have to get on another subject!
  9. So you think that I should even waste my time responding to your post? HAHA, you're comparing a modified car to a stock one. It's like comparing a tuned Renault 5 to a stock Ford Mustang...
  10. 426 Hemistage 8 never ceases to amaze me.
  11. Don't you just love him?
  12. Who wouldn't?
  13. Notice that he has a sidekick now, of course a vette fanboy...
  14. You were the one who kept the arguement going.
    You just know that you cant win the arguement.
    You claim american cars suck yet you can provide no real information to back it up.
    Face it you dont know $hit!
  15. Your lame attempts at making fun of hemistage are lame and childish. Grow up and makes sense next time. Be a French me.
  16. Please read that post over yours. Please.
  17. Next time try to read a little deeper on the lines. You will see that it was a joke and he wasn't serious like you were. Now you look like you were used, tool.
  18. HAHAHA I aint his sidekick or even on his side. I am just argueing against your stupid comments.

    If it was a purely a joke he wouldnt have kept it going as long as he did.
  19. HAHAHA... it's my fault that you're that stupid.
  20. I am stupid because I posted info that made yours look like you are a complete fool? right!
  21. He played your ass for like 4 posts. You were used like a whore. Whore.
  22. hahaha right show me were he was winning the arguement against me!
    He wasnt!

    The fact I argued against worng info and stupid posts doesnt mean I got played, If that what you two think is played you guys have alot to learn!
  23. I was. And just because you thought I was serious, speaking like a moronic AOLer, makes you my b1tch.
  24. Sure thing there pal. I have seen you post like this before. And notice how you stop "playing" as soon as I sart arguing agaisnt you, because you knew you would lose.

    Anyways you guys are a waste of time. Go play your "game" somewhere else.
  25. Nobody cares about Mr. Vette's arguement. He got played like a #%!@.

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