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    First off, nobody knows what performance this GTO generates, so basically, ur all arguing over bullshit!! You mine as well put the word "hypothetically" before everything u say! The only thing clear for this sprots coupe is: It is made from badge engineering, it has around 340hp, has a rugged, reliable, if not sophisticated LS1 engine, and is the so called "American Icon" reborn. Personally, my opinion of this vehicle is that its cheap. If Pontiac wants to reinvent itself, it needs to actually design their own vehicles! Maybe they could actually put their designers to work, and perhaps come up with something better than an aztek.
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    As I've said before, the GTO will weigh in some 200-300 lbs. more than a 4th gen F-body. So all you idiots out there who think that it will be faster in a straight line than an SS or a WS6 can can it because you're wrong. As for arguing that the only reason the Cobra is faster is because of forced induction, now you guys sound like a bunch of nagging bitches. For years the Ford guys cried about how the LS1 had more than a 1L displacement advantage over the 4.6L modular V8. And now that Ford has slapped a supercharger under the hood of their Mustang, the GM guys cry like a bunch of girls. Simply put, get over it. You want to prove something, buy a GTO of your own and install the supercharger yourself. Otherwise, shut it down already. Simply put, now that Ford has the edge in acceleration, it's time for the GM guys to have something to whine about.

    As for Camaro sales declining since '69. I'm not sure what moron said that, but Camaro sales were very strong until about '95 or '96. I believe their best year for sales resides with the 2nd or 3rd generation. Same thing for the Firebird. GM had the opportunity to do something about their dying pony cars, but never did. The problem with the F-bodies was that they stayed too true to their heritage. The Mustang was originally designed as a "secretary's car". Even today, that's it's main target audience. The GT, Mach 1 and the Cobra are out there for the hard core enthusiasts. The proof is in the fact that more than 2/3's of the Mustangs sold are equipped with V6's, and that less than 25% of all Mustangs sold are equipped with manual transmissions. The F-bodies on the other hand, while designed to counter the Mustang, were almost always about performance first. Even the 4th gens placed more emphasize on going fast tnan passenger comfort unlike the Mustang. That's why throughout most of history, the F-bodies almost always had the edge in terms of performance over the Mustang.
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    this is classical.

    It's "hypothetical" is it?

    The bloody cars on the road in australia for over 12 months with a different front end. Holden's got the 235 kw version HSV have the 255kw version. GO look UP the performance times, they won't be marginally different.
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    This guy here, really bugs me, I've read a few of his comments around and they are nothing more than "Hard a$$ talk" that is supposed to make it sound like he might know what the heck he is talking about. Yes, I'm a newer member also, but I've been looking on this site and reading reviews and post's for about 2 years befor I signed up. Anyway, on with my opinion about the cars at hand.

    This is going to be hard for me to say being the Hudge GM fan that I am, I think that the Mustang Cobra is a better car STOCK than the GTO is. Although I do feel that there are many simple modifications that could be done to the GTO that would increase it's HP and performance. But as far as STOCK of the showroom, I'm with the Mustang on this one.
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    That's true, but, maybe there will be different performance times, how do you know for sure. The point is though, generally, people on here argure over freakin concept cars! how stupid is that
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    Im just gonna open up a can of worms and quote J Mays, fords vice president of design:
    "I dont think the monaro is a GTO, I think its a stopgap solution, its a nice monaro, but its just not a GTO"
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    I am neither a GM or Ford person. I just like cars, no matter where they come from if they fit my tastes.

    But I hate comments like this:
    "Sorry Mustang is an american icon, a thoroughbred. "

    "Things that a GM lover will never understand. "

    I agree that the Mustang is an american icon, but GM lovers can't understand this? What about the Corvette? This is it's 50th year of production, a car that ever since it came out, people have craved to own one. And even though it isn't being produced, the Camaro can also be seen in this light too.
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    damn, GM will never understand eh? Seems like the mustang has been drifting away from the "american icon/thoroughbred". Look at todays car, a supercharged muscle car? no, the muscle cars of the past, at least the thoroughbreds u speak of, were never supercharged by the factory. Also, a significant percentage of buyers of the Mustang are women, or old men looking for a fast car. Camaros, however bad they were selling, always stuck to the performance and not the comfort or sophistication, in a muscle car, it doesnt really matter, as long as ur fast, loud, and have a V8 rumblin under the hood. Thats what its all about. As far as i know, i think the mustang gets more like an import car every year.
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    I hate to burst everyone bubble...but...I have read all of your messages posted and you all sound really pathetic...except the person who talked about none of you put any work into the cars..etc was a good point it pretty much proved all of you guys wrong...Im not saying its not cool to admirar cars...i mean i love them i cant stop lookin at the on the road wanting n wishing i have those hot cars i see all the time but you morons are freakin possessed...get a life!!When cars were first made...the intention of them was to be used as transportation...and you guys all fanitsize over them like there freakin playboy centerfolds...alls i have to say about the GTO mom..AKA queen of family cars...said she wants to get a GTO...GTO family car...or race car?
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    I completely agree with you. Since BOTH of the cars come with this performace STOCK, they should be compared, and the Cobra is the better one. Its great to finally meet a GM fan that looks at the facts and makes a decision, not just BITCHES about how unfair things are.
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    First off, I am a mustang fan so my opinion is a little biast. I like the new GTO concept, and think that they should definatly make it. Also, I think that the 1967 GTO was one of the best muscle cars ever produced. But, here is the problem, all of you people who say that the GTO has kicked the mustangs ass since 1969 are retarded. Huh..., maybe you people have never heard of the 1970 429 BOSS. That car can mop the floor with your GTOs. And for "IF I HAD $" who said "We could also take a walk down z06 lane if the ford fans want to go their, you guys aren't even close to it." He is just being ignorant. The Saleen 281-E, The Roush Stage 3, AND The 2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R can all destroy the ZO6 vette and the Cobra R is STOCK AND FACTORY PRODUCED. Dont get me wrong, i like the ZO6, but you need to pull the dildo out of your ass and look at the facts.
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    yo 2000cobraR....."The 2000 Cobra R, Roush Stage 3, and the Saleen 281-E, leaving the ZO6 in the dust." should definitely take that out...i dont think any of your 3 dream cars there would leave a ZO6 in the dust...maybe you havnt looked at the 2002 ZO6 cus the last time i checked its 0-60 time was a lil under 4 seconds i dont think your dream cars could touch a 0-60 time of 4 seconds....well maybe just mayyyyybe if you had some NOS??
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    It's not fair compareing the gto to a mustang cobra. yeah cause the cobra is #$%#in awsome. yet at the price ford want for one they can kiss my ass. i live in australia and for about 60,000 aussie dollers you can get a Fpv(ford performace vehicles) falcon gt. its got a better engine than the cobra r in terms of both power and torque,and is a lot more reliable. fpv is also using the first dohc for the 5.4s on a production car. the cobra was in limited numbers. there are 50 a day being built. and these new cars have just been released so they will proberbly just get more and more powerfull.
    forget the gto even the fords base xr6 turbo, a 4.1 liter 6 with 240 kw could kill it. and if your thinkin that can't be the turbo spools in at just bellow 2000 rpm and thers stacks of torque too. the gto will cost about 30,000 to 40,000 usd maybe even more. the xr6 t cost 40,000 asd
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    i think YOU need to pull out that dildo of urs, cause all ur bloods goin to ur ass instead of ur brain. If u had any sense, u know the Z06 is just plain better in acceleration, handling, and value, plus, u get all the airconditioning and music u want, unlike the Cobra R which forces u to eliminate these things. Last time i saw, the Zo6's best time was about 3.92 sec to 60mph. While ur Cobra R (who "destroys" the Z06 according to you) Hit it in about 4.5, also, in a Test against the 385, not the 400 hp, Z06, the Cobra had about the same acceleration, but got trounced at lap times, getting beatin out by 2.4 seconds. Even worse, acceleration was hindered by the so-called better independent suspension from too much wheel hop. And, by the way, if u want to get into aftermarket tuners, try the Lingenfelter Corvette Twin-turbo on for size: 0-60 in 1.97 sec, and a quarter mile time of under ten seconds. I think I've made my point clear, ur in kindergarten, u know shit about cars, and the Z06 kicks the Cobra R's ass period, its a fact.
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    I don't really understand all the bitching about the blower. the #$%#er is only pushing what... 10 lbs of boost? (that might be for GT's only someone please correct me if it is) That's pretty fair when compared to another litre or so of displacement. But cut and dry it all comes down to gear ratios and tourque curves. Another factor could be the transmission, how many big-ass family lookin cars do you see with a manual tranny? I sure as hell can't think of many. If the GTO isn't a manual, it wont even leave the line before the mustang finishes the quarter mile. Either way, they're both good cars and we'll know the truth in 2004 when people on this sight are racing each other in them.
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    The point is dumbo, that there's a big differene between naturally aspirated and forced induction engines. Each has its pros and cons. The supercharger happens to be able to produce massive amounts of power increases without too much cost or effort. Its power increase is way too much for another litre of displacement to offset. Further I see many "big ass family lookin cars" with manual trannys. eg: BMW 7 series??? The old ones at least...Anyhow, what does that have to do with the GTO vs. the 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra??? Also, an automatic doesnt hamper ur off the line performance, thats traction that plays into getting off the line u dumbass. What it does hamper is quicker downshifts, faster up-shifts etc. Basically it is a no no for racers. But in a straight line, id have to say it doesnt make significant changes, these days at least, with all this technology going into "smart" transmissions and shit. It manual usually does turn in better times though, as long as the guy in the seat can pull a good launch with little wheelspin, and row through the gears correctly and fast. Also, this GTO is supposed to be compared, or should be compared with a mustang GT. This is that standard version of this car. When a high performance version comes out, then we'll talk mustang Cobra.
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    First off you teary eyed shit, don't cry about what I said. When I was making the reference to it leaving the line I wasn't being literal you jackass. It had nothing to do with traction it had to do with (like you said your #$%#ing self) manuals turning in better times. And I didn't say NO big cars had a #$%#in manual, I said not many and you were able to name one... Whoop Dee Fuckin Doo you made my point. As far as forced induction vs Nat Asp, NO SHIT? The supercharger isn't pushing 50 pounds of #$%#in boost here. Yes it's ABLE to PRODUCE more power(no shit)...potentially Point was: It gives similar power to the +1.1 litres of displacement the GTO has. So dipshit... calm down.

    I do have to agree however with you on one point and that is that the GTO (as it sits now) should be compared with the GT and when the high end version of the GTO comes out then we can talk Cobras.
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    i have two words...calm down.......#$%#er dipshit ***** asshole cock sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    its fair because this car is a piece of f*cking sh!t
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    go to and see what it says about the cobra is a fast car (very fast) but it does have alot to be'd beat my 2004 gto on a straight away..but God forbid you have to go around a tight turn with a a 250 ft drop off..bye bye svt...all around performance..advantage gto.

    keep the earth clean, it's not uranius
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    it isn't fair, especially since the cobra will BLOW this thing off the road too easily. That said, pontiac has done a HELL good job with this car. only a 3.2 biturbo or something like thatwould have been more modern and refined, But then they are trying to revive the hotrod era so it's OK.
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    Its fair. All this esoteric BS about how the SVT has a supercharger and the GTO does not is invalid.
    The SVT and the GTO cost about the same. Thats the real world comparo. Supercharge the GTO and it will cost more than a standard base Vette right now. You will have a 42K+ car verus a 35K car. Yeah, that'll be real fair. Or go the cheap route and supercharge with the aftermarket. Bye bye warranty. Not to mention that $ per dollar, you will still get much more power increase out of the SVT. In the end, the same person paying the same amount will be a hell of a lot faster in an SVT.

    The whole "compare the best x makes to the best y makes" is also stupid. By that measure the Viper and Z06 suck, since the Enzo exists. Hey, the Enzo is the best Ferrari makes against the best GM/Chrystler makes right? This is obviously false/stupid.

    If its "unfair" to have a supercharger, then why is it not unfair to have a 1.1L advantage? Its totaly arbitrary. Price being about equal, in a choice between two powerplants, I'll take the slightly smaller, supercharged engine with much higher output (about 420 at the crank for an '03 SVT) over the larger engine with less output. Maybe the 350 has more "potential" or some other BS advantage, but people are running 11's on mostly stock Cobras. Thats all the potential I and anyone here will ever need.

    That said, the GTO will be a much bettr crusier. Mags have said its a comfortable car, where the Mustngs current ergonomics are pretty bad. and I would rather ride in the back of a GTO than the SVT. So while its fair to compare the two performance wise, its also quite irelevant/dumb. The GTO is focused in another direction. Its a better daily car for commuting. It willl get better gas mileage. It will have lower insurance. It will not be child abuse to put your kids in the back.
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    your right about it being stupid to compare one manufacturers best to another. in australia ford stoped selling the mustang for the bad interior and because a locally made ford was faster and a lot better car in general

    also, here you can get almost 500kw from a bolt on supercharger on a monaro (gto) for jsut $5000 australian
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    Everything 2000 cobra r said is true the saleen and the r would beat the shit out of the z06 and believe me i dont have to dream to know that. All of u gm lovers think u all are winning this battle but your not the only reason why u all are getting so many people to say yeah the zo6 would win is because ur all haters and u dont want to admit that u all would get crushed. GM General Mistake

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