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  1. Actually, you're pretty #$%#ing stupid.
  2. Its funny when it comes from your mouth. Finish high school and then we'll talk.
  3. I'm not finsihning highschool, dumbass. I'm never going to have to, and I'm going to live a awesome life.
  4. what are you planning on doing with your life?
  5. Hes the best out of those hicks.
  6. Mechanic and possibly a Porsche technician.
  7. you're too baked to follow through on that.
  8. good luck without high school.
  9. You could lead an awesome life without high school, I'm not saying you wont, but I'm saying you're clearly highly uneducated and possibly mentally challanged to some degree. There's no way you're smarter than me by any means so when you call me stupid, I had to point out the irony. I don't see what your plan for living an awesome life without a high school education is but hey, hope you win the lotto or something buddy.
  10. Shut the hell up, you don't know anytihng. I'm already in a school for my ASE, on a damn honor roll and aceing all my classes, all I have left to do is take my ASE tests, which I'll pass without a doubt. Once my school record is prefect I can get training as a Porsche technican. No ones going to give a shit about highschool.
  11. ok, i just said good luck. you interpreted it wrong.
  12. Keep telling yourself this stuff.

    Edit: Like, how can you not realize that if you're too stupid to graduate high school, wich you should be able to do really easily, you won't be able to make a lot of money, unless you do some horrible manual labour jobs.
  13. I love how you make pretty much set a profile of how I'm like in real life by taking in that I mentioned I play CS and used to smoke pot, which you still managed to get wronng because I don't play cs:s, it's regualr cs, and I haven't smoked pot for some time. So you pretty much "know" you're smarter then me by going on outdated information about me and probably all my sarcasim as how I actually am. You're a sad internet nerd, shutup.
  14. I'm going to be more successful then you and you're obviously jelious of me as it shows with your pathetic "e-attacks" on me lately.
  15. Ugh, how exactly are you smarter than me?
  16. ask her a question,,, one that she cant answer with a simple yes or no
  17. You're so jelious, I love how you say this as you actually know what you're talking about, why are you so keen about posting about how I'll fail?

    I already told you, my future is set, I have proof about my sucess at school now, what me to post for your for you?

    You're jelious of me, I don't know why.
  18. Because I didn't make myself look lieka dumabss jsut now, you did.
  19. *jealous
  20. If TimmyMcOwnsYou is the sad internet nerd, then how come you have nearly four times the posts he has?
  21. Because I post more?
  22. Pasadena, CA.

    I was in the library in my college before my class when I wrote that.
  23. If I'm the internet nerd then how come you also play CS and HL all day long? If I'm the internet nerd then how come you're the one posting pics of HL3 all the time?
  24. I also have a manual transmissions and drivetrains class and engine tuning and fuel mapping class, besides my cylinder head development class. Today I flowed the intake and exhasut ports on a flowbench from a 305 Chevy v6 from 1986. Eww

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