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  1. All day long? How would you know? Where do you find all these details about me that I never post?
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  4. FIRST OF ALL READ MY PROFILE 1ST B-4 U ASK SUM QUETIONS...IM TIRED OF READIN' SO MANY MESSAGES.......otay.....NOW LET ME START.......Imma laid bck kind of person & imma approachable...people say i have a spantanious wiered, crazy& fun..well dats wat mah frnds 100% *F*lirtatious *I*ntelligent *L*oving *I*irrisistable *P*layful *I*inspirational *N*urturing *A*lluring (FILIPINA) I like to play sports like basketball,football,soccer,softball,bowling,ect...of course i play dem only whn mah hombois play dem.....I like workin' out....i like to keep mah body 'n a nice shape....I mostly haveacquaintance dan real not into Romantic but im sensual & loving...Mah Fetish ish FOOD!....i like to eat wherever & whenever i wnt.....DAMN U STILL READING 'bout meeh....U dat interested...... j/k...:p Well i can go ahead & HATE on meeh or not im still gonna go on w/ mah life coz people like u r not worth of waistin' mah tym....;/...N-e who wanna knw more jus message meeh ait den...

    hey look it's a moron1!
  5. pee in her butt.
  6. Holy shit, you are right.

    All I know was, she gave me a half boner. and thats impressive.
  7. 1" boner?
  8. no, it got semi erect.
  10. U didnt hear it, you read/saw it.
  11. Figuratively.

    And the idea that I might see your boner, the very idea, makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
  12. why? u dont like when people pack meat? lol Im joking.

    Ok here is a worse one

    p996Ts boner.
  13. Nope. Not even close. I mean, it's really bad on it's own, but it does not compare to you. Jesus christ stop it.
  14. yeah? You like Iranian weiners?
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  16. You can always be counted on for a fresh point of view.
  17. yeah, but I bet she screams like an animal in bed.
  18. What does she scream?

    "OH EM GEE du mah azz pimp yo wuteva"

    Half the text on her website is, at any given time, utterly invisible.
  20. I dont care, as long as Im giving it to her.
  21. learn to #$%#ing crop a pic, jesus christ. noob avys.
  22. I find something decidedly un-sexy about a woman who hasn't the brain-power to not speak like a fool.
  23. forreal. its not that #$%#ing hard.
  24. I dont even know how.

    do it for me or STFU!

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