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  1. #$%#ing paint moron.
  2. In real life she sounded kind of uneducated, but not even close to what it says in her profile.
  3. then do what? is there a crop button?

    tell me! Im a noob at it.
  4. either use the square cutout thing, or drag the bottom right corner to desired size. once you get to correct ratio, then use the stretch/skew button under image.
  5. +10
  6. Throw acid in her face
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  8. I noticed that too. This is what she looked like to me
  9. So of course she's hot, but would you honestly want to attempt some sort of committed relationship to a chick who has her o face in some wholesome outfits to myspace, and God knows where else? I'll be damned if I ever try to maintain a healthy relationship with a woman who gets her jollies & esteem from her physical approval of the opposite sex.
  10. body yes, face yuck
  11. No relationship at all. Just a one night stand.
  12. *f u ck
  13. I expected more from you. ~SMACK~ !
  14. Ron White is awesome.

    "My Mercedes Benz has the little wipers that cleans your headlights off in a raaaain stoooorm.

    Yeah? Well I got a place to #$%# yer sister!"
  15. Just buy her a drink.
  16. lol, I wouldnt have any serious or even short term relationship with an asian, I'd just Bang them.
  17. turks...
  18. is that some kind of sick joke?

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