On the subject taboos.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CitroenSM, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. What in your mind is the biggest taboo?

    I have to say Cannibalism.

  2. Sex in the missionary position.

  3. r u a cannibal citroensm ?
  4. no.
  5. northeners
  6. that's exactly what a cannibal would say.
  7. Incest. I don't know why, but I think people can understand eating flesh when they are hungry, whether it's from a cute and cuddly domesticated animal or from a human being.

    But banging your sibling is just weird.
  8. eww CitroenSM is a cannibal, watch out.

    gonna call interpol and get him arrested/extradited/executed
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  10. that's why incest porn is so hot
  11. I only went through my moms vagina once, and its going to stay that way.
  12. Oh the irony if you were born through a Caesarean section haha
  13. whats worse
    banging it
    or eating it
  14. nothing is more sinful then when the lips of a black man and white girl touch. may god have mercy on them
  15. HAHA, oh shit
  16. Lol
  17. haha
  18. sex involving animals, shit and midgets. Cannibalism is somewhere there too.
  19. short skirts (anything above the ankle)
    if God wanted me to sin he's give me a girlfriend and I wouldn't be a virgin
    hate walking around campus when it's summer
  20. Bullshit, I'd #$%# the hell out of a midget. But only a hot one. Not the ones with the odd smushed in faces.
  21. id like to know fumps views on cannibalism
    him being german and all
  22. Bestiality maybe
  23. WIN

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