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    Yes indeed one sweet marvel of engineering. just about the HP per L of this engine. Its always been debated as to how to measure the displacement of a rotary engine, since it does not have a bore or a stroke. Yes by what ever method mazda has been using its making record amounts of power for its size but just remember how diffrent a rotary engine is. Another thing is I'm very gald some one had enough moxy (i cant belive i just used that word) to build a roomy (hell even four door) pure sports car. The pulled it off great. The new Z owners (which with gods good will, I will be one) will be jealous of all that space. But from my standpoint , I know more about piston engines than rotaries sooo i'll tend to stay away from 'em, because it makes it hard to be a garage mechanic when you barey know what your even looking at.<!-- Signature -->
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    rotary 4 lyf<!-- Signature -->
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    Sweet car<!-- Signature -->
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    I think this car is damned nice =)

    I mean look at the awesome muscular contours. Definitely and nice intimidating car. Not to mention those huge ass wheels and integrated muffler looks sweet too. But I would like to see HID or Xenon lights. Blind the competition =P

    Btw...Rotary engines are some of the best engines in the world, although I do agree the older genereatio engines were less reliable, they were still better than most piston engines. Especially in Endurance races. I was reading earlier posts because I am new here, and I noticed you said how Mazda Rotaries kick ass in endurance races, it's true. No Japanese Company has ever won the LeMans 24h cept for Mazda and their 8-chamber rotary. =) How's that for performance and endurance. The Mazda beat all the BMWs, Porsches, MBs, Panoz, Aston Martins, Jaguars and all the Euros =) BTW...remember this is the newest more advanced generation of Rotaries. There must have been some changes and improvements over all these years.

    As for torque mentioned earlier I think....Rotaries don't really lack that much's got a pretty huge range. I mean look @ the rev's like 1-2Ks higher than other competitors..even against the S2000. Look @ Honda and Toyota cars. They have VTEC, i-VTEC, and VVT-i. These are all valve controlling systems. Although the general torque is quite low for these cars, their weight is also low, and the Valve Tech lets the engine manage a larger torque curve, but power usually starts around the 3-4K range. Mediocre compared to Euro and US cars...but still acceptible for their weight.

    Plus, the Rotary is one of the sweetest sounding engines I think. I am not much for Jap cars, but I love how the smaller Jap companies have the coolest cars like Mazda, Nissan and Subaru (love that boxer too). These smaller companies seem to put alot more quality and dedication to their cars than larger companies like Toyota and Honda. Also the design teams are so much better.

    Oh..forgot to mention that Rotaries are also one of the smoothest engines that I have experienced too. The lack of moving parts keeps noise down when idle, and even when pushing the car it has a smoothe sound compared to 4bangers.

    Well I think I ran outta comments and getting damned tired from I hope you enjoy my lil insightful post..and if there is anything I missed...please do tell.

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    Never put it into production... it's too ugly
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    Ford is stupid.
  7. although i feel that Mazda should have kept some of the old lines for the front end, i still think it looks and will of course, drive like a dream. now all they need is a twin turbo kit.
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    I have always been a fan of the RX-7, and when Mazda discontinued the manufacturing of them a few years ago, I was really bummed. I heard soon after that Mazda would be going into the concept phase of producing the RX-Evolv; what is now the RX-8. Let me say that it was worth the wait. This car is a brilliant design feat for Mazda. Their lineup has been lacking a true sportscar for years now, and this puts that to an end. The interior of this car is really nice. I especially think that the four seater layout is very practical. But the greatest thing I think is the engine. A 1.3 Liter engine that produces 250 horsepower! That is a true design miracle. Just imagine what would happen if they boosted the displacement to a clean 2.0 liters! Hello 400 horsepower range. Congrats Mazda, I think you did a great job!
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    I'm not sure the car even needs a twin turbo kit. Normal aspiration to me has always been the better way to go: more reliable, less wait, and way better throttle response. I agree that the power increase is usually amazing, but I think mazda would really do better if they just made two engine sizes available to customers. The original one and then like a 1.8 or a 2.0 woule do just fine. Anyway, that's just my take.
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    I concure this is an awsome four seat sports car. Light, quick, and nimble. If you are looking for more power though with quicker response, you should get yourself a supercharger. When you hit the throttle it kicks in immediately unlike a turbo charger.
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    Can we really trust these ROTARY engines? Wy are they better than the conventional ones?
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    they aren't really better. They have trade offs. i.e. the actual heart of the motor wears out pretty quickly, esp when you bang on it. but hey they make incredible power for their size.<!-- Signature -->
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    indeed think how long the development of this new model took.

    The first show car dates back to 98 I think, the layout and all that makes it look like a sporty coupe, its more practical than the RX-7 but indeed that's because this car has nothing in common with the RX-7, I think this is a whole new study for mazda.

    and the 50/50 weight distribution is amazing, also the new Rotary engine.
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    hey did you all know that technically, this car will surpass the S2000 for NA hp/L for a production car. then again, it is from a rotary, so i wonder if that counts. still, pretty damn amazing engineering.
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    i like the door thing... but i dont like the mercedes style side mirrors...... reminds me a bit of the IS200.... maybe an IS200 coupe?

    imagine...this 1 in a dark paint @ night.... ooooooowwwwwweeeeeeee
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    It looks like they are following the trend of most new cars these days and going angular instead of rounded. I love the supple curves of the last RX-7, but this is not a bad re-interpretation for 2001.
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    The interior is amazing! I'm liking this car a lot.<!-- Signature -->
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    cool car, this car will most likely be in competition with the S2000
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    That's the lovely thing about a rotary engine. It only has a total of five parts to the actual engine itself. Only 3 of the five are moving parts. As long as you keep the engine cool, it will last you forever. I have owned multiple rx-7's and this car I have been looking forward to for a LONG time. The nice thing about natural asperation is the fact that with a rotary as the engine's rpms rise so does pickup. Can you say "Zoom, zoom, zoom"? Combine engine performance with handleing prowess and you have one hell of a motor vehicle on your hands. You know, the RX-7 held the record in circuit racing for an undisputed 5 years... only to be dethrowned by the new Corvette Z06. Look out Chevy. Mazda has a new addition to the family. Ford is backing Mazda and has them on the right track. I'd hate to see what this engine would be capable of with a turbo.
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    Simply put it's like this. Josheq, shut up already because you look like a total tool from your other replies, the rotor can last a good 250,000kms and with regular servicing can be driven hard for a long period too. Atrieu, OF COURSE YOU CAN TRUST ROTARIES!! I mean, the Bathurst 12hr Endurance race was won by what?!?! An RX7!! For 3yrs straight at that track ('92, '93, '94) the RX7 caned the ass off the Porsche 911 RS, then the RSCS!! And then repeated it at another track (Eastern Creek) in '95 once again whomping Porsche ass!! Vetteboy, superchargers are best used for low revving motors. For a rotary which can easily pass 10,000rpm, this would and has spun the belt pulleys off the superchargers before in modified RXs. That's why the turbo's are better. Provide a better punch overall, in power, torque, everything. But I'm not saying turbo's are the end all, far from it, cause if they were, every Top Fuel Dragster would have single, twin, triple or even quad turbos!! C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    it's a nice ride...the suicide doors are great touch. i love rotary and whoever said they were reliable was damn right! most reliable engine know to mechanics and car buffs alike...whipper engines. i agree about a larger motor, i'd love to see a 2L in there with some turbo...damn that would hall ass! thank goodness mazda isn't listening to ford, because if they were it would probably have about half the horsepower, weight 1000kg more and it would be fat and ugly...oh wait, ford already has one of those cars, the mustang, that's right.<!-- Signature -->
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    when i saw this at the detroit auto show it didnt look so great...but now, i likes <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    ****sorry forgot to add to above message****

    at the autoshow it had different wheels that seemed to be convex<!-- Signature -->
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    Whoa! thats one sexy car! 250 horses..6 speed manual.. it has some balls <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    Thuis car is absolutely beautiful

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