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Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by epsylum, Aug 10, 2002.

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    It's beautiful, if compare with the Nissan R35 Concept... poor
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    id buy it but not for more than $25000 (usd), anyone know what its gonna sell for?
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    One advantage of a rotary motor is it weight. it is really light compared to piston motors. personally i like the over all look of the rx-7. i dont know, i dont really like the new styling of all these new cars with the angling. well maybe it will grow on me. <IMG SRC="">
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    hey, the rx-7 had heating and exhaust problems didnt it? something like it overheated and when it did the engine died. do you know if they fixed the problems?
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    They fixed it in the Series 8 (2000 model) RX7s mazdapride. They fitted a different and more efficent intake tract to the other models so cooler air goes in quicker. The motor doesn't die as such, the ECU has a heat sensor cut out that turns on when the temp is too high. It's cause the turbos get worked out so hard and there isn't much underbonnet space. The exhaust was ok though. C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    If I had the money, I would buy one of these in no time. I've fallen in love with it.

    Rotaries are great engines.. its a pity they arn't producing them for more cars. As someone said, they have only 3 moving parts, compared to the 40 something (iirc) in piston engines. All their parts move in the same direction, not like piston engines where the piston flys down, then flys back up again, etc etc. All smooth. That probably explains why they can rev so high. I read somewhere that someone dyno'd a 13b based car, and took off all electronic rev limiting, and it got to 54k rpm before the engine blew. Thats amazing, if its true. Try that with a piston engine! (you couldn't, the valves wouldn't shut fast enough)
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    i think this is a great second step for mazda. the protege is super successful and has managed to bring in a lot of young new buyers. this car will help ensure that those buyers come back for their next car. they may choose this one, or maybe the new mazda 6 due shortly. if or when they replace the millinium, they will have a very good line up (at least here in north america, i think they still have a lot of problems in europe).
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    You're damn right we can trust rotaries. granted the older model rotary engines weren't exactly indestructable but then again what engine is. furthermore, the modifications that they have made for the Renesis engine are going to make this thing bombproof. If i had one i'd settle for a simple 8g turbo. with something like that you'd be eating up the competition like scooby snacks. now they just need to release the performance stats.
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    indeed, technology is moving, and usually it tends to improve what we have seen in the past, so I guess that's the case with Mazda's rotary engines, they are more capable than ever now, because they are more advanced now.

    damn this car is pretty cool you know?
    I wonder if I'm ever going to see one in Mexico?<!-- Signature -->
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    Lol..I already called up the nearest Mazda dealership and distributor to try and reserve one =P

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->

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