One cool off road truck

Discussion in '1963 Shelby Competition Cobra 289 Le Mans Hardtop' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. May not be as strong as a Bigrig or a Hummer. But I bet this F-350 can pull some cars and hold a lot of cargo.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah i'd like to see some clips of this doing all that stuff.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that this truck will do well with pulling. I dont like the Duel wheels on the back either
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    i like this truck to, but look at the hp and torque of this thing, its way more powerful than a hummer.
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    Does it only come in yellow?
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    wow... this car is CRAZY! nicest pickup around, yo! i'd defenetly buy it... if i could drive... or afford it... and i don't do any of those... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I'd say the duallies and all the other HD stuff is there for haulin' and towin' heavy loads, not off-roading, but it should do well with that too. This thing is almost stout enough you could put a 5th wheel in the bed and pull a 60 ft.semi-van trailer with it....course you would need something for the trailer's air brakes.....
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    Yes only yellow because it is a concept. Here is some food for thought.

    The key features on this is the hydrallic start and adjustable ride height. The height can be adjusted within milliseconds so that when you are about to crash into a tiny car, it will lower the front to hit its bumber to the bumber on the other car. This will make it safer among tiny cars like geos. The hydrallic start stores your brakeing power and uses it to accelerate back up to speed. Just with this system (which may come out on new superduties), it can get up to 25-30 mph on its own with out using the engine.

    By the way, the duals are pushed in because it is designed for a fifth wheel only therefore it doesn't matter if they're pushed in or not. It looks cool that way though.
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    That hydrallic system would be good in my city, because we have lots of snow, lots of summer, and the tempature changes fast. This would be the best truck for anyone that lives in Saskatchewan.
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    Ford F-Series all the way! Yay!


    Ford F-150 SuperCab Heritage Edition

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