One more GTR thread - 626 AWHP on the dyno

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by groupb, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Thats all you do anyway.
  2. haha
  3. For less money, 4 seats, a MUCH better interior, and a level of sophistication that the Corvette can only dream to match.
  4. not to mention the amazing paper transmission.
  5. Nothing wrong with the transmission. Unless you modify the car and then abuse it. Like with any Corvette.
  6. yep, thats why STOCK cars have been shitting them out after a few hard launches.
  7. What's a "few hard launches"?

    50 launches?
    100 launches?

    That's abuse. You know about abuse, like when you were a kid in poor canada and your uncle introduced you to his trucker friends.
  8. FYI: that Switzer tune is progressive, so it hits the tranny with less power in 1st, a bit more in 2nd, and up from there.
  9. You can shred the clutch in anything if you drive like a f***tard.
  10. He's from Alaba....errr Alberta lol
  11. excuses, thats all the gtr fanboys are good at.
  12. HAHAHA
  13. Convertivette's will smoke trany-less GT-PS3's all day long man.
  14. YOu trying to troll me here n00b?
  15. get off the troll path, someones claiming it
  16. I find it very funny that someone with a user name "TVR addict" and a TVR as an avatar is complaining about the GT-R reliability.
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  18. probably a ron simmons second account, so he can quote his self.
  19. Abuse is what MindlessOath does to your ass on a daily basis.
  20. No abuse is the mouth clamidia I gave your mom last night.
  21. mom's dead but nice try.
  22. she still caught it lol
  23. ugh, more power to him.
  24. I would almost feel bad for saying that if I didnt think that was totally hot
  25. That's the end of this thread

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