One of Jerry Seinfeld's 911s up for sale

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    The genius of Seinfeld's humor is that it draws on everyday life experiences, but we're left wondering if Jerry wasn't experiencing some premonition when he wrote the skit about George getting suckered into buying a wood-sided Chrysler LeBaron convertible because it was once owned by Jon Voight.

    The famous comedian's 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S is up for sale in California at a startling premium, and some buyer out there will soon be playing the part of George Costanza. The vehicle was reportedly the first Turbo S built out of a total run of 345 units, and the only one painted this particular shade of blue. Coupled with its celebrity owner's docket and with only 8,040 miles on the odometer, TruSpeed MotorCars in Costa Messa, California is reportedly selling the car for $225,000. That's a pretty hefty premium considering the Blue Book value on an ordinary '97 Turbo S would be about $82k. We just hope the buyer doesn't find out it was actually owned by a dentist who just happens to be named Jerry Seinfeld, too.[email protected]_stock_no=1336
  2. gorgeous car
  3. oh my god that's so hot.
  4. I love how they made the 997's look more like these ones
  5. That colour is sex on 993s
  6. 993 Turbo S is sweet, I just don't like that color at all. Should be claret.
  7. Bluebook is retarded. You cant find a 993 turbo for under $100k
  8. that's a SHIT load of money.

    But if I had tons of chedda, I'd buy it instantly.

    That's the perfect 911, aside from the 993 GT2.
  9. A 911 to have.
  10. It just looks elegant, i would definitely buy it if i had the cash.

    EDIT - Sod that, I'll just buy a cheaper one in the same colour, or claret.
  11. They really did nail the 993. I just want a Carrera 2 - is it that much to ask for?
  12. For those asking about the Price, the 993 Turbo S is pretty rare and holds it value pretty good.
  13. damn, the 993 turbo s is rare, thats a nice colour too.
  15. thats the same color as the GT2 owned by seinfeld that I saw at the RUF dealer. it was the only paint to sample GT2 made. That nig nog has fantastic taste.
  16. I'll pretend to find his new material funny if he gives it to me
  17. perfect color, perfect car
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  20. People will believe the guy who buys it is mental. "Look", they will say, "he must be mental! He paid 225,000 bucks for a used car and keeps smiling all the time!"
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  22. I think that he REALLY likes this one colour...
  23. ehhh... I hate that color.

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