One of the best if not the best!!

Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by RalphCM, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. This car is the ultimate! 300 hp per liter is just amazing!
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    Getting a bit long in the tooth.....

    Now there are faster meaner versions of 34's in Japan <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Yes it's sweet. But there are Skylines with well over 1000kw engines. But this one is made by Blitz and the prizetag will be HUGE. But you get a reliable 850hp BEAST.
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    on its first major run (in germany, they were trying to break the record for a german road top speed 215mph) they got to 213 and the power steering broke so it had to be abandoned
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    TRUE-- this is is the best but not one of the best.

    As you could imagine, anything is possible with this car and Japanese tuners (in Japan) have realised this and some tuners have even tuned a GT-R to produce over 1000bhp (making NISMO's own 400R look rather lame)!!! (over 740 kW!!!) and they're street legal (in Japan of course).

    Other Japanese tuners have easily done more than 800 bhp with their GT-R's (e.g.. 840 bhp by Trust, Japan).
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    Yeah, there are better, but this 1 would be a dream to drive.
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    That's really excellent, but maybe those you said with more than 1000hp had their engines bored and stroked, were they?
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    well its not like hte displacement goes up by that mcuh. most of the stroker kits (including the one used on the nismo 400r) incrase displacement up to about 2.8L.
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    Nothing wrong with displacement, especially if it adds reliability. This car is killer.
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    guys just remember there will always be better........but a 1200bhp skylie gtr r34 would make my life complete with that car alone i would eed nothing more not evean a shower...just alot of car wax
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    man shit. i woulkdn't even need 800 horsepower. a nice reliable 650 would be cool with me. then build up the hanlding characteristics and electronic gadgetry and i'd be set.
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    This car is preety mean but i'd take a Big Block V8 over this any day.

    Long live the Monaro!!!!
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    this will kick any monaro all the way back over to america.

    when holden discovers OHC engines and wishbone or real multi link suspension they might get a bit of respect
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    I have an R34 that has 700 HP, and it kicks ASS! I also have an R32 with 400 HP, and it is also a Dream to drive. Both are Hellova Fast! I love the R34 better, cuz it wins all the street races for me, but I am a good driver, and only take them out when I need to, to keep the miles low, but I take my supra out most of the time. But the R34 has such power...oh hell, I am gonna go and take it out right now. I just wish Nissan would bring the Skyline to th U.S so other people could enjoy the R34 too. Or, you could spend 4 years doing paperwork to get one, but by that time there could be new, faster cars, i.e: The '04 NSX, but if they make the 400HP V8, I'll be on there advanced order list in a second, but anyway, my point is, you all say, "Oh, I bet it is a dream to drive!" I just wanted to back you up by saying, It is....I'm off to drive mine now!
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    There's a swedish Supra with a bit well over 1000bhp, with more or less original block. (not bored at least, don't think it's stroked either)

    Look, what a compressor does is that it simply put makes it seem like the engine is bigger.
    like a 2 litre with 1bar pressure is basiclly like a n/a 4 litre...(in the sense that it fits as much air and fuel)
    It doesn't matter if it's a turbocompressor or any other, works the same way...

    So there you have it...there really is a replacement for displacement <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    (yea I'm just screwing with you V8-geeks) :p

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