one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen

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  1. one of the best parts is that it pretty much doesnt end, and its updated frequently
  2. I still have my bike, and I still have my Marauder. The van is just a work beater.
  3. I don't think you know what average means
  4. ging is a scientist
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    i found a song written about ging

    ironically, it's quite beautiful
  6. The average of 7.5 & 8.5 is 8. What i didnt understand was your post cos i didnt read it properly the first time

    Edit: so hang on a minute, what your saying is because someone is of a certain ethnicity, they get more points on your rating system? Dont you think thats a bit discriminatory / unfair on the other races?
  7. Ging goes to a university in the west country, which basically means its an english version of citrus college, cheddar college probably
  8. And absolutly no respect for copyright
  9. came 2 mock but chick corks (STFU!!) posted is legit attractive
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  12. why do attractive chicks use online dating?
  13. She's probably crazy.
  14. because they're new to the city, and the shitty town that they grew up in provided no venues, or social skills for them to meet people.
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    hey their basketball team broke a 41 game streak of futility last seaaon, show some props man
  16. i dont beleive in any pretty girls using online dating
    they get hit on so often why would they need to go to the internet
    which admittedly, is a place where mostly attractive fun social males hang out

    i just feel like they pretty much have their pick as it is
  17. one word

  18. I feel like you've been using that one word a lot l8ly
  19. it's a very apt and versatile word
  20. I think its harsh
  21. good
  22. I dunno why you're having trouble with this concept. It's so they can pick through the ugly guys to find the hot ones.

    Same reason guys use online dating. Sort through pictures of the fat and uglies and try for dates with the better looking ones.

    And all the fat and ugly people, both men and women, can read each others personality profile to see if they "connect."
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    every time i see this thread title i think of this song

  24. boring song. prince is very hit and miss
  25. well yeah i dont necessarily like that song, but it keeps sticking in my head

    edit: i keep singing it in a falsetto voice as well

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