One of the most beautiful movie cars ever...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by PandaBeat, Aug 10, 2006.

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  2. Those wheels look gross on that vette , #$%#n idiot.
  3. Really? I like it.
  4. Thooooooooooose are factory wheels.
  5. Lol. Pwned.

    Awesome lookin car tho.
  6. thats a nice car wish i dad the money to buy it lol
  7. They still look gross
  8. They look great in person, in picture they appear very "blingy", which they are not.
  9. I think the wheels look great.
  10. "Never touch a black man's radio"

    Thats a rad car though.
  11. its not that beautiful. i never really liked the C3.
  12. Pretty nice. I have seen alot better C3s but never the less, very nice for a 72.
  13. Lol, yeah, awesome movie.
  14. Wire spokes are for bicycles.
  15. To bad it's an auto.
  17. Minilites are for Minis.
  18. The wheels are awesome
    C3s farking rock
    Rush Hour is a great movie
  20. wow a true classic. nice find. that reminds me, im watching Bullitt tomorrow on TCM.
  21. Ilove C3 Vettes. I don't see how anyone can't love 'em. Especially the early ones with chrome bumpers, before they had to switch to plastic for crash regs. So sexy.

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