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  1. Zoomed past my Civic on the highway. Jeezus cracy old timers, slow the fawk down
  2. really? thats crazy lol
  3. I collided with one in my Hummer, and now I'm in a wheelchair. The other driver got away with a fractured toe. God, those things are too safe for the good of others.
  4. Holy shit, you got #$%#ed by it, too? It ran over my Roadster and crushed my back. I am going through therapy to fix my back and learn to walk again.
  5. i have one in GT4 quarter mile time was like 5 min or something like that
  6. Luke tried to run the Nurnburg in it, but it couldn't scale the hills.
  7. no, one of these didnt pass you on the highway.

  8. Lolz..I think some people missed the jokes. Good one guys!

  9. One rear-ended my horsecarriage. They're evil I tell you! They should be crucified/burnt/drowned, like all witches! Death on self-moving vehicles! OH #$%# CHOLERA'S BACK IN TOWN, GOTTA HIDE IN THE BASEMENT.
  10. I want a new account, MedievalMoo or something
  11. Walperstyle:

    cough cough , sarcasm
  12. har har...funny funny, like i keep saying, really brings out the best in people
  13. hahahaha I love these comments lol
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