One-off / custom Pagani Zondas

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    that first one looks fantastic
  2. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    Purple Challengers and Cudas are hot.
  3. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    are you a fan of american muscle
  4. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    I love this new Zonda.

    And here's a proper purple:
  5. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    Midnight Purple is better than MP2
  6. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    yes my favourite car is the dodge hemi charger super bee. i also like and collect all memorabilia related to air force amy
  7. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

  8. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

  9. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    Anyone else think this needs pop-ups?
  10. One-off Pagani Zonda 750

    pretty much ALL cars need pop ups
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  12. My custom Zonda is gonna be the best, just you wait...
  13. orange/black cinque for me with the c12s double wing.
  14. I'd want a Cinque in the same blue as this Zonda F, black interior, gunmetal wheels, and the red stripe down the middle of the standard Cinque.
  15. double wing ftw
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  17. Bad colour, bad name, nice car.
  18. Here's the only non S car I've seen with a double wing.
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  21. Doesn't that have the semi-auto thing? With the paddles?

    Needs a proper manual. W/ gated shifter.
    Maybe not a gated shifter. But def. manual
  22. Ugly color, beautiful car
  23. I dont like the taillights and the headlights
    Hey "Fat Larry", are you a second account, retard (like most people in or really fat?
  24. No one has a new account

    Edit to Add, I was a new Account a while back, but I was a lurker for a long time. I signed up because I like Fiat Pandas. So Larry may be a new account, but most likely is someones troll account
  25. Who are you? Pandabeats second account?

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