One-off Ferrari SP FFX unveiled

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    One-off Ferrari SP FFX unveiled
    Leaked image reveals Ferrari 'Special Projects' super-coupé, based on the four-wheel-drive Ferrari FF

    by Lewis Kingston
    28 January 2014 11:39am

    The latest one-off model to emerge from Ferrari's Special Projects division has been revealed.

    A sole image of the new car, understood to be called SP FXX, appeared online after reputedly being printed a Japanese motoring magazine.

    Ferrari has confirmed to Autocar that the car, pictured at a private unveiling, is an official one-off special. Additional pictures or details, however, will not be made available unless the private client decides to release them.

    It's believed that the car is based on a standard Ferrari FF, with the most prominent revision being the adoption of a coupé rear end in place of the FF's shooting brake tail.

    Production versions of the Ferrari FF are powered by a 651bhp 6.3-litre V12. Power is primarily sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, but the front wheels can be driven by an additional gearbox in certain conditions to provide more traction.

    The name 'SP FFX' has not been officially confirmed, but the Italian trademark database shows that Ferrari registered SP FFX in October 2013. The 'SP' in the title is believed to refer to 'Special Projects', a Ferrari division responsible for the creation of bespoke cars for private customers.

    Recent cars from Special Projects include Eric Clapton's Ferrari SP12 EC, which was created as a homage to the Ferrari 512 BB

    Previously, patent images of the as-then unknown Ferrari SP FFX were originally believed to represent the next-gen Ferrari California.

    While it is now clear that they show the Ferrari SP FFX, it is still thought that the next California will receive styling cues from both the FF and the F12.
  2. horrible. must be an asian client. no taste.
  3. first thing I thought.

    maybe some relation to that SP F430. Similar color scheme and same type of hack job.

    this is a far cry from Claptons 458.
  4. Srsly. The SP12 EC is the proper way to do a bespoke Ferrari. Clapton obviously understands the heritage of the brand.

    Once it was finished, Ferrari probably thought "shit, that's how it should have looked all along!"
  5. I think he's the only one that has built a good looking car through this program.
  6. huh
  7. Was that built under the "Special Projects" programme like the others?
  8. Quite the opposite. AFAIK Ferrari tried hard to stop it from becoming reality.
  9. that had nothing to do with the Ferrari special program. the P4/5 is the car that made Ferrari make their own program for starting to make special one off cars.

    both the original and race P4/5 had nothing to do with Ferrari other then a shared chassis and running gear.
  10. i wouldn't call that good looking
  11. Yes, but you are dutch.
  12. directly through pininfarina, ya?
  13. also LOL, where did they present this thing?

    Circa 1997 at a Community College staff christmas party?
  14. for the original P4/5 yes. for the racer I know it started life as a 430 scuderia and I'm fairly certain that pininfarina built the body.

    that being said Ferrari tried to sue the gentleman who made the race car claiming it "isn't a Ferrari" so the Ferrari badge only appears on the engine and possibly on the chassis somewhere no one can see it.
  15. Looks like Mansory/Hamman hack job.

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