One screwed up Subaru

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PoWeReD By NoS, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. i moved out of that town ages ago, and yes people are complete retards there
  2. Calgary FTW!!!

    God I hate this city.
  3. hahahah, and it aint even winter yet
  4. more morans thinking AWD makes them get to ignore the laws of physics.
  5. Canadian's deep south.
  6. I was trying to merge off of heritage onto 14th SW and was going at the speed of traffic, this lady wouldn't make space or let me in. Now traffic was pretty heavy because it was 3:45 pm and because the merge lane is pretty short I honked at her. She responded by trying to match speed and force me to stop or go off the road. I ended up cutting her off at the end of the lane and forcing my way in. If she wanted to make an issue of it my car is a POS and the hit would have been behind the rear quarter panel; that combined with witnesses and shed take the fault. Anyway she made space rather than force the accident, I fingered her to which she had a honking fit and then after a few seconds tried to speed around me and apparently forgot to look and side-swiped another car. Four witnesses pretty much gave the same account to the cops. All in all it was a good day. She was in a BMW BTW.
  7. those spokes look like they were bolt-cutted
  8. the real wheel just needs a good 90 degree wheel alignment
  9. Ugh @ BMW drivers here. I noticed something today. Regardless of whether it's an M model or not, they all seem to be jackasses. BUT, if you find a modified M model, they seem to be quite responsible. Probabaly because they are older and they can afford aftermarket BMW parts and don't have the ego.

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