only 133 mph for an M6 V10 ??

Discussion in '2006 BMW M6' started by pitoer, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. True, a mate of mine has a '91 325i M-spec Alpina Edition.

    He had it tuned properly, at around 220 kw (300hp odd) at the fly, and it does like 8-9 litres per 100k's. It's more economical than the 4-cylinder hatch my folks run! And he drives like a lunatic.

    Still i reckon the v10 would still drink quite a bit. Too much of a temptation to redline it in every gear to hear that sweet engine, and feel da powa!
  2. whats the point of that engine if they limit it? sux!
  3. 155=Limited. German Cars=Limited to 155 (except Porsche or else there would be no point in Carrera GT :p)

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