Discussion in '1967 Mirage M1' started by mustangs4ever, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. This is a great car. 1st of all it would be a pain in the ass to find one 2nd if you did happen to find one it would be in the million dollar range,because it is so damn rare.
  2. This car is worth more than that about 400k but no ford gt is worth a million
  3. Is it a typing error instead $170 000?
  4. No, actually it's not an error. Back in the 60s, that was alot of money, cars are about ten times as much as they were back then. So this'd be about $180,000 supposedly, about the cost of a race car today (I'm wrong, race cars today probably cost more).
  5. it would be worth few times more then 170k, and yes original gt40s are in the millions.

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