Only 200hp?

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  1. Not saying that isn't little epecially from an NA 4cyl, but doesn't the Si have 210?
  2. The current Si has 197hp.
  3. Based on your name, NOS boy, youd probabl want something more like 300?
  4. This model is intended for Europe. They do not have an Si model if I can recall correctly. This is similar to the old SiR in principle but on a new chassis with more power. Considering the costs of petrol in Europe, a 2.0L 200HP I4 is more than enough power for the normal sports enthusiast. You also need to take in consideration that most cars in Europe that people can afford and drive have less than 130HP and run on 1.2 to 1.8L engines. A 1.8L I4 petrol engine making 130HP is thought to be quite alot.

    As for HP rating. In Europe...there are not that many straight roads to drive on, especially in England. People there prefer cars that can handle corners well, swallow up people and cargo decently, and produce good fuel mileage. You also have to remember, that gearing is also very important. A 1.3L geared properly can out accelerate a 2.0L if they gearing is significantly different. Of course top speed will be reduced, but not many places allow top speeds of over 100kph or 60mph.

    I like the design of this car. It's very funky and spirited. Definitely a lil more spirited than the Si we get in North America.
  5. 200hp will be enough.
  6. 200hp will be perfectly adequate, but i was expecting a slight increase to keep up with the competition, maybe like 220hp or something. Saying that the current type R is faster than other more powerful hatchbacks anyway.
  7. for the price its very good plus this comes with a short shifting gearbox. and also honda try to get the type-r to a good insurance grouping. in the uk the type-r in group 17. the only reason for this was becuase they come with a cat1 alarm as standard or else it would be higher.
  8. Honda needs an answer to the Astra VXR and Focus ST.
  9. This is the euro-R. like its predecessor it will have 200 bhp
  10. Well Honda's usually come out of the factory a little underpowered, but then the aftermarket support is huge. Most people who are serious about performance will tune their Honda's. Being factory stock with 200hp is more than enough for most drivers...and it helps keep insurance down a bit I guess? Not sure how it works in England..haha.
  11. I'd say 200 BHP is enough. Europe's current favorite, the Golf GTI also has 200, which is considered adequate. I don't really think another 20 or 30 bhp on the Civic will make a lot of difference.

    But because of the popularity of the Golf, the Civic will be facing some stiff competition. Especially since most car magazines thought the last Civic was good, but too hard-core for everyday use, and the Golf was such a good allrounder.

    But, if I had the choice, I'd take the Civic (in black please, not the loud yellow of the concept). But that's purely based on the looks of the thing. The Civic looks mad whereas the Golf looks quite ordinary, especially when there are so many of them around.
  12. also the golf is a turbocharged car right? 200hp N/A will beat a 200hp turbo car from my experience. My friend put together a B18 LS block with a JDM Integra Type R with 12.5:1 compression pistons and eagle rods. The car Dynoed at 184hp to the wheels which is great since it had just the type r cams and nothing radical done to it. That civic was not gutted either and could beat my turbo Eclipse (208whp)easily. And i would say it could run low 13's. 200hp in these K series motors is more than enough. The K series is going to be the new B series once the price for them comes down a little bit.
  13. The USDM Si only now has received this K20A2 that the UKDM Type-R has had for the entire last generation, so I expected the Type-R to move ahead. I'm disappointed that the Integra Type-R's K20A hasn't been used for the extra 20bhp, although I suppose the Civic can't be faster than its big brother. To keep up with the current generation of stupidly powerful hatches (Golf R32, Astra VXR, etc) I presumed Honda would build a motor similar to what's been created in the aftermarket several times, a hybrid of K24 and K20, essentially producing a 2.4-liter ITR motor good for around 240bhp+ depending on the build. That would keep the Civic on top, and remain N/A, but it might well have damaged its main selling point, the very low price. I guess the rumoured 'Type-RR' may remedy this, as there's tales of it being at the very least stripped out like the factory racer Integras Spoon UK imported, if not packing a bit more power.
  14. My dad's Vauxhall Vectra estate is only a 2-litre turbo but that manages allright with its 180 bhp, same as the current Civic Type-R. And the new one probably weighs half as much as the Vectra, so 200 bhp seems fine. Although, the Astra VXR still owns it with however many more it has.

    Oh, by the way, rickwleung, you under estimate the Europeans. Most of us can afford 2 litre engines.
  15. lol the old civic type-r got car of the year 3 years in a row.

    all the new civic's apart from the type-r (becuase its only concept yet) got car of the year before they even came out.

    if u watch the top gear review of the golf gti they say the civic type-r is better in every way.

    if u want to compair it then compair it to the new Seat Leon cupra r. which i dont think is out yet.
  16. oh and by the way they use the exact same engine in the integra type-r and it has 220bhp.
  17. 200 hp wont be enough. put some app. 30 hp + to compete with focus st and astra vxr
  18. a slight increase would practically make no humanly detectable substantial difference..
  19. this model is only suitable for europe when it comes to the design. what were they thinking. if i lived there i would just go buy a peugot or a seat or something. if i really wanted a honda i'd just get a jazz(Fit).
  20. 200 Horsepower is enough... For a Civic
  21. .... thats all i have to say
  22. I think they put affordability before performance in this one...
  23. Mac, with regards to your sig: "there are 3 kinds of people, ones who can count, and ones who can't"

    here's a better one: "there are ten different kinds of people, those who can count binary code, and those who can't" *note: 10 (which is binary code for two) appears as ten to someone who can't read binary.

    With regards to the topic, I think 200hp is plenty for the Civic, though I would like to see the Si with 200hp, and 220-240 in the Type-R so that it may keep on top of its competition (astra, Focus, etc. in Europe, Cobalt SS, SRT-4, etc. in North America)
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