ONLY 297 KPH????????

Discussion in '1997 Chrysler Viper GTS-R' started by Shaitan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. for 500 hp thats nothing!! this car is capable of MUCH better! can someone tell me why?<!-- Signature -->
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    Because it has 460Bhp not 500Bhp.<!-- Signature -->
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    It has the 500 bhp. These stats are way screwed up. It goes 200+ m.p.h. I don't know what that works out to in k.p.h. but it is much more than 297.7.
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    We have another outta space invader here,<!-- Signature -->
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    it has much more drag than the normal GTS so the GT2 will have to have more BHP to go the same speed-understand<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't think he does mate.<!-- Signature -->
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    lol<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Shaitan</i>
    <b>for 500 hp thats nothing!! this car is capable of MUCH better! can someone tell me why?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->it has 460hp not 500 and as said b4 drag, and you dont understand cars much so im gonna explain something you could have an 1000hp car and top out at 85mph how you say? mainly gearing, if your gears are REAL short (numerically higher) you will run the the gears quickly sacrificing top end for acceleration in the Vipers case as it reaches 6th gear it has VERY LITTLE pull, if the car could pull till redline it would top out near 300mph but it cant<!-- Signature -->
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    its not their fault they're dumb, blame it on the parents. they made these screwed up little kids to become screwed up grown ups who know nothing about cars but since they hear their friends talking about cars, they just wanna join. its sad really. tisk tisk.
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    Actually, for 500 hp, a 225 mph speed is great!
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    I'm pretty sure that 297kph is wrong cos the first production vipers were tested and they all came in at between 197mph and 203mph. So therefore i am certain that a 1998 GTS-R could easily pump more than that.
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    I don't know what dream-world you're living-in, but stock Vipers rarely top 190, let alone break the 200mph barrier.

    This is actually the "Viper GT2" a "special edition" Viper with about 10 more hp and a aero package to make it resemble the GTS/R race cars. There's nothing incredible about this car, and its just marginally better than a normal Viper. Its mainly a collector's item.
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    now if 1-5 gear could be short, and 6th could be veeerrryyyyy long you would have massive acceleration, and massive top speed! that would be damn awesome!

    300kp/h is fast enough is it not?
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    I love it when people quote the same people over and over again. Its great. And not only do the people quote the same people, they repeat the same stuff that people have already said. Its great. I love it.
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    This car is not the street viper you guys have specs from the street vipers. This is a all out race car and from the sources i have say aomething completly different then you guys.

    Manufacturer Dodge
    Model Year 1998
    Price (USD) $200,000

    Vehicle Dimensions

    Curb Weight 2750 lbs.
    Wheel Base 96 in.
    Track Front 62 in.
    Track Rear 61 in.
    Length 176 in.
    Width 76 in.
    Height 45 in.

    Engine Information

    Type V10
    Displacement N/A
    Horsepower 680 bhp @ 6000 rpm
    Torque 700 ft-lb. @ 5000 rpm
    Transmission 6-spd Manual
    Layout Front Engine/RWD

    Performance Specs

    0-60 Time 2.9 seconds
    Top Speed 240 mph

    The 240MPH is vary questionable 220MPH would sound more realistic but then again the top speed is not all out of the question. 680HP can achieve 240MPH with the right gearing and very little drag. This is a race car so it is made to produce a lot less drag then the street car. However if this is true then that will explain why those engine got banned(heavily restricted).
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    ya really
  17. That cant work.

    It would be the same as like you go 30 km/h and then you shift in the 5th/6th gear ..

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