Only a stupid american...texas redneck copper..

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  1. YEE HAW!!
  2. whats roflmao?<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  3. roll on floor laughing my ass off

  4. What's funnier is that the Lingenfelter Hummer H2 with only a supercharger and 520 hp is faster. But then, I suppose alot of that has to do with the Lingenfelter verison not having wheels that weigh 150 pounds each.
  5. i would think traction problems would be the main reason...
  6. they probably use smaller tires for the acceleration figure runs
  7. I don't see how, the H2 has full-time 4WD.
  8. The problem is that the huge wheels such as those on this copper's H2 are enormously heavy, and seriously limit the acceleration of the vehicle. Not to mention all the other aftermarket stuff that was likely installed, electronics/stereo and so on, which all weigh down the vehicle and slow it down.

    The supercharged Lingenfelter H2 as tested by Car and Driver, only added the supercharger itself, a higher-flow exhaust system, and marginally different wheels/tires; LT325/60R-18s vs. the stock LT315/70R-17s, and are pretty much the same overall diameter. Making 500 horsepower (less than I remembered), it did the 0-60 mph job in just 6.1 seconds.
  9. "Look here, boy... this truck, these handcuffs and my revolver i'm fiddling in one of these photos say, loud and clear: I'm a one motherloving homosexual police officer! Got it?"
  11. Is there a place where it's illegal?
  12. Not only legal, but police car lolol
  13. i like how it looks...because its higher
  14. 28 inch rims? jesus
  15. maybe hes from a rich family and hes used to sticking out. just because you guys are #$%#ing peasants doesnt mean everyone wants to be as lame and bland as you.
  16. besides weight, bigger tires would highten (numerically lower) the gearing of the drivetrain. Those tires are significantly over the stock tire diameter, and as the golden rule states, if you increase tire size significantly (10-12%) you need to modify the axles' gear ratios. Lets say those ghey shoes are 35 inches tall.. stock ones i believe are around 31.. so.. stock ratio is 4.10, 35 divided by 31 times 4.1 is 4.63.. so new ratio should acctually be around that to rebound low end power.. 4.56 gears or so.
  17. Can you say "roll-over accident waiting to happen"?
  18. he's a county sheriff... i doubt he'll ever pull someone over or chase someone in it

    but i'll agree with the general consensus that its stupid but its not suprising, at the beach that i go to every summer has either a crown vic or a marauder with chrome rims and some other flashy stuff on it

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