Only in America, Ni**ers, man the harpoons etc.

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  2. did not watch
  3. You should. Its only a min.
  4. I would find this kind of thread title on that white supremacist forum 944turb0 posted once.
  5. Saying "nigger" is not ok, but if you blank out the g's it's not insulting to anyone.
  6. Thanks, I was wondering if it was appropriate or not.
  7. you guys laugh and make fun but let me ask you
    how many of you have had your noodles tampered with?
  8. I agree with this motherf***er cra**er piece of s**t
  9. i dont let people tamper with my noodle.
  10. People who annoy me
  11. "That's a fat person for you. Cryin over Ramen Noodles" LMAO

    Really wasn't that funny though....pretty typical actually.
  13. read comments on video. decided not to watch. not funny.
  14. I have to #$%#ing log in to see a ni**er movie?

    Facebook is shite anyways, didn't people know that yet?
  15. Yeah that was pretty lame.

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