only one simple little difference...

Discussion in '2005 Startech Crossfire V8 6.1' started by still bmw hater, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. the hp= amazing, the speed= amazing, looks=amazing, 5 speed auto=?????
  2. Not as amazing, but at least it's got everything else. Tranny can be replaced...hopefully.
  3. The worlds fastest 1/4 mile was done with a 3 speed auto.
  4. Brabus knows a whole lot more about making bulletproof, quality autos than manuals. This is what the vast majority of buyers would get the auto anyway.
  5. good call
  6. he's right. autos tend to provide better straight-track accelleration in that they limit the amount of burnout done and provide for smoother shift. this means its a good dragster. but im still not sure if they were aiming for a dragster type sports car or a track type sports car. if this thing is intended for a track, REPLACE THE TRANNY!
  7. Why with a decent shift kit you can drive it as if it is a manual. Just with out the clutch.

    However I would prefer a manual.
  8. what car was it?
  9. 5 speed auto=amazing?
  10. 5 speed auto=amazing?
  11. hey wait a minute buddy this isnt a Brabus this is a Startech car

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