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Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz F 400 Carving Concept' started by Zoomy3, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I'm no expert, but this car has no windshield.
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    Do you think it matters when the car looks like broken up fish scales anyway?
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    hahaha yeah i guess i'm no expert either. this car doesn't have a windshield...but u gotta keep in mind that it's juss a concept. this isn't the full production model. and's pretty damn ugly...dunno where they thought up this design. but u gotta admit that the whole idea of the car is pretty neat.<!-- Signature -->
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    YEEESH...looked at it closer a second time...and hmmm it's probably not suppose to have a windshield, by the looks of it. i can't believe this ugly thing is a offense or anything. i guess u really do have to wear those goggles to block the bugs splattering on ur face.<!-- Signature -->
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    the whole purpose of the car was to test angled wheels
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    Or mabe its supose to be a little bit more liberal of a sports car than the conservativley styled concepts that we see. Mabe they were tryin gto make a better looking car than some of the others. I think it looks damn sick.<!-- Signature -->
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    Windshield or no windshield this is the best handling car ever so i know i'd take it. 1.28g??? Props to Mercedes!
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    I dont like it
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    The purpose of the car is to test active camber systems, not to achieve miracles of visual design.
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    Yeah, not to achieve beauty- but Mercedes should have given it at least a DECENT, PRACTICAL design. First time I saw it, I saw immature Jap design.
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    windscreens decrease aerodynamics, this car is meant for stability, it needs aerodynamics.
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    I like it, its got a kind of futuristic look to it. Besides, I like sharp square edges, not smoot rounded edges. But it all truly comes down to personal opinion. But my opinion is correct.
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    some concept cars just dont have windshields
    like the Toyota CS&S doesnt have 1 eather
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    This car actually wasn't supposed to be driven. This car was the test mule for their drive, steer, and break by wire set-up. So, it doesn't have a wind shield, because you can't have a wind shield by wire now can you.
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    I actually like this car, i usually dont like cars with a resemblance of this. BTW If u wouldnt have mentioned it had no windshield, I would never have noticed.
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    I like the look but i like the numbers a lot more. 1.28g is one of the best that i have ever seen. Hats off to the engineers that came up with it.

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