Only Swiss car-brand?

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  1. Doesn't Rinspeed exist anymore?
  2. Monteverdi was a swiss company I believe.

    Don't know about Rinspeed
  3. Rinspeed are a tuning company!
  4. *is

    And besides, Rinspeed made many own designs as well, sure they tune other cars, but they make their own stuff too.
  5. This much is true
    they are and have been a tuning company, but are also a manufacturer in there own right
  6. And now that I'm thinking about it anyway, I thought Sbarro is settled in Switzerland as well, but not sure if they made more than "just" prototypes.
  7. isnt spyker a swiss supercar company
  8. Spyker is my national pride, they're Dutch = from the Netherlands.
  9. I believe Koenigsegg is also Swiss.
  10. *Swedish
  11. This is currently the only Swiss company that actually makes cars. Rinspeed is a design house (not really a tuning house). and they never really made anything. All of their cars were concepts!
  12. The 95 Rinspeed Roadster SC-R and R has been sold actually (in very low numbers, hence, no prototypes, but road-legal vehicles) to the public.
  13. haha nice he got told...
  14. Leblanc and Beck are Swiss.

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