Ooh, tasty.

Discussion in '2006 Hamann Gallardo SE' started by odrallag, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I like what they've done to this car; it's pretty sexy. Props to Hamann.
  2. How about tune it up a bit? At least a new exhaust.
  3. tuning would be a great idea. i like the appearance very much, but lose the stripe.
  4. I actually like the stripe.
  5. ooh those wheels!!! ultra hot!
  6. I never thought anyone could possibly make this car any uglier but by god they sure as hell did. Props to Hamann, not.
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  9. I'll take 5, this car is badass, this the tougest looking "practical lambo" we've seen yet!
  10. I definitely love what theyve done to the car, but I'm still not a big fan of the Gallardos. Lambos w/o scissor doors: Are they really lambos?

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