Original Koenigsegg prototype has V12?

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  2. I do notice today that supercars are a lot less about form and much more function. 90s supercar designs used to intensify the form but not really sacrifice any function either. If you notice, car bodies are still very sleek and sexy, but the details often let them down. Vents and intakes are too sharp and simplistic. Headlights are jewelled but unimaginative. Wings and mirror designs are not as stylized. Wheel designs are sharper, less sexy. Overall todays cars flow just as well as a complete form but the little details are all wrong.
  3. if you mean they don't fill out the details with little ricey bits then yeah you're right.

    I prefer simplistic designs and I think most of us would agree that looking at your taste in cars, you're definitely in the minority in terms of car design.
  4. not exactly. Look at for example, the Jaguar XJ220. a very sleek, sexy car, but it had entirely smoothed out, rounded formas, well integrated and not just seemingly cut out of the design as an afterthought. Its like today, cars are designed as a form, then if an intake is needed its just visually cut out as if with a jigsaw. If theres an intake needed, they just cut one out, not really trying to make it part of the overall form. You can see this with the latest Ferraris, Lambos, Bugatti, Lotus, Artega, even Spyker has gotten more edgy. I know it looks very modern but to me car design has lost some of the art. I know Im not the only one who sees it. You cant tell me todays cars look better than 90s era. There are a couple exceptions, like the Pagani and Porsche Carrera GT, but for the most part, todays cars have some design compromises that make them look less pretty than they could.
  5. The current Koenigsegg design is all about function and at the same time looking better than any of the 90's prototypes
  6. Just shut up.
  7. no. Koenigsegg pretty much engineered all of the excitement out of this car through the years of development. Its pretty much now just a soulless hypercar that goes very fast but isnt especially remarkable in any way. It just kind of got lost in the mix of supercars and in true Swedish fashion just kind of exists without standing out.
  9. lol no, #$%# off
  10. I think that the original koenigsegg concept was awesome.
  11. if it was all about function, then maybe it shouldnt have eaten the tire wall on the Top Gear track.
  12. Yeah just like filling the bodywork with sparkly diamonds is all about function.
  14. The early prototype is the best looking Koennigsegg.

    The CC8S and CCR are also better looking than the current Koenigsegg cars. They have lower roofs and better looking headlights, making them look more sleek and more exotic than the current cars.
  15. Yeah the CCR was actually one of my favorite supercars looks wise when it was first released. The current models look bloated in comparison. The continuous failures to deliver on claimed performance, as well as other failures during road tests eventually caused me to lose interest in the Koenigseggs though.
  16. As much as I love the older Koenigsegg models they just don't compare to the current flagship CCXR Trevita and Edition.

    Forbes magazine even selected the CCXR Edition as one of the 10 most beautiful cars in history (the only modern hypercar that made the list) and rightfully so.
  17. The fact that they considered any car made after 1970 one of the most beautiful cars in the world just proves that they don't know what they're talking about.
  18. I really liked Koenigsegg as a car company back then.

    Now Pagani is already testing the replacement for the Zonda, while the Trevita is the best Koenigsegg could come up with so far.
  19. Nothing special about the Zonda replacement from what I've seen, and it certainly won't be anywhere near the performance level of Trevita.
  20. Except you haven't seen anything.
  21. V12s are too heavy and overly complex. You can get the same kinda power out of a good v8. Just look how well corvettes go
  22. Does anyone know what happened to the original prototype? Where is it now?
  23. Anybody has more pictures of it? Its a typical 90's concept supercar..
  24. Anyone here actually drive one?

    I love e-opinions
  25. I was going to post a similar notion about the doors... which are cool, but that is the reason for their existence.

    On having someone post actual driving experience,

    We could organise a small plea for the manufacturer to allow a testdrive for any of our swedish members. Bigger miracles have happened.

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