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    Alfa Romeo are to build an €80,000 sportscar based on Italdesign's Brera prototype. Just 1,000 examples will be produced on a design visually virtually identical to the Maserati Coupe based Brera, which made its debut at March's Geneva Motor Show.
    The Brera has formed the basis of a new design which has seen the prototype concept reworked by Alfa Centro Style and Italdesign. Known in-house as the "Evoluta" it was to be unveiled as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show. When the project received the green light in mid September the Evoluta was quickly pulled from the show.

    No decision has been made on a powerplant for this new sportscar which sets its sights high, by aiming to eclipse the Porsche 911. The Italdesign prototype was based around Maserati's new Coupe, and its all-new Ferrari-developed 4.2-litre powerplant is under consideration. However, Alfa are also looking at a bored-out version of their current 3.2-litre V6 GTA unit, increased to 3.5-litres and fitted with a twin turbo set-up.

    It is undecided whether the Evoluta will be rear or four wheel drive, but it will be Alfa's first coupe to have drive to the rear wheels since the SZ/RZ. A unique platform will be developed which will feature double wishbone suspension all round.

    The 1,000 Evoluta's will come in a single specification with the Selespeed transmission will be the only gearbox option. It is expected to be launched in October 2004.

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    Take a good look at this car (Evoluta) Then take a look at the Brera!
    You see some little thinks has change.
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    I already want one!
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    Indeed!Me too I heard that it's going to be out in production.

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