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Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by 3KGTRX7, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Who agrees with me? I beleive that Honda should have at least designed a better interior for the car, something at least attractive. The only thing I like about the interior is the shift knob, other than that, its pretty much plastic looking like the interior of an early '90 model 240sx.

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    I don't agree with you. At least the 240sx doesn't have digital tachometer and speedometer. It doesn't have those seats. It doesn't have a start button, and the list goes on........
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    Well, what im saying is I dont like the look of the design. I know it has quiet a bit of technology in the car such as the push start button you mentioned, but the overall design is very plastic looking.

    Do you get what im saying?
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    Yea that's true, the materials used aren't the best in its class too, but personally the design looks fine to me.
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    My only gripe about the inside is the digital tach. Those came and went in the early 90's. I think they are really tacky.
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    Hmm, I think it's cool because i haven't been inside a car with a digital tach.
  7. Looks like this is an old forum, but I'll try my bets that at least someone will read.

    Alright, people. This is a $30k car that should be about 40-50k if it had the interior appointments of a Boxster. It doesn't, though. That's why Honda made the interior "lack-luster." They focused all the cost and development on the engine, chassis, suspension, and transmission. To keep the price-point low, cuts had to be made, and the only thing they were willing to cut on was the interior. That said, I think it's an awesome interior! Finally a car that's not for the cell phone using, dvd playing, GPS Nav'ing, traction controling, automatic shifting masses. Those are just distractions while you drive or aids to dumb down the experience. It may not look good next to the "museum of modern art" cockpits that come in cars today, but that's not what the car is. It's a pure driving machine, true to its sportscar herritage. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

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