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Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by 20068Mustang, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Has anyone experienced over heating problems in these. Because I have and wanted to know if it was just a problem with the radiator size or if there was more envolved. THIS CAR STILL KICKS ASS.
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    nope I've had know problems
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    Hey man, I got a '94 and I have had a whole shitload of problems. I finally got to the bottom of it, so I'll tell you the story so you can get it down. My car was fine for years before my hard drivin, red linin' honda beatin' use, but then 189k miles caught up to me. My car would hiss every time i turned it off, especially when I used the heater, the funny thing was that my coolant temp. gauge always read low. what I did was to keep my radiator cap closed but not airtight, that helped, then my water pump blew along with my radiator. Fuckin' A. But what happened with me was that the rear, passenger side headbolt had a cracked water jacket and leaked water under my header, which polluted my coolant system, #$%#ing up my water pump and eroding holes in my old radiator. My car only lost 3 times up untill the rebuild. By the way, I never lost to an import, only camaros. I hope this is helpful
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    So far I have not had any problems with my 94 5.0 but on my 95 V6 I had, I had a problem with the engine temp. being too high and over heating a few times. I did get a recall on the car and it was for the cooling unit. After I took it in they did the recall and it never over heated after that.... cal your local ford dealer and ask them for a list of recalls on your car and they will tell you all of them and you can get it fixed for FREE gotta love the free things. One last thing which I hope is not the case, check to see if theres any antifreeze in the over flow tank when its cold or hot
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    i have never had any overheating problems in my 94 mustang gt
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    the only problems ive had with my 94' gt was the window motor and and problems with my ac, which was fixed fairly quickly, not bad for 150k miles. i dont know why people say they arent reliable?

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