1. Considering how good the coupe looks, this is a huge letdown. It's so remarkably overdone in so many ways. It's not so much one individual part of the car that makes me retch, but rather the cumulative effect that makes it so ridiculous looking.
  2. its too busy. the black mustang is way hotter
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  4. one thing that confuses me is the fact that it has 700 hp but the speedometer only says 160. my 300C says 160 with 340 hp
  5. How many people actually go faster than 160 in the U.S.??? I don't mind having a top speed of "only" 160, as long as I get there in a hurry.
  6. Agreed but it is still cool.
  7. I'm not a fan.

    If that's what you're into then that's great. but as far as muscle cars go, I'm all about leaving the outside stock looking but going all out on the engine.
  8. amen

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