Overnight body parts from Montreal

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  1. Hoooooooooooooooooooo
  2. apparently they picked him up on Berlin.
  3. in a netcafe reading an article about himself. what a tard.
  4. haha, for real?
  5. sad day
  6. Does Germany has death penalty?
  7. Then one of your gets to venture outside of your comfort zone. Or you could take turns. But, the soixante-neuf is also appropriate.

    One or both of you gets a turn in the barrel.
  8. Surely he gets extradited to canada to face charges there as thats where he committed the crimes. He hasnt broken any laws in germany (as far as i know)
  9. But there's no death penalty here, so he'll be out of jail within 3 months.

    The Canadian justice system sucks hardcore.
  10. Should have built a 3-story tall mansion in Islamabad.
  11. yeah Germany should keep and judge him.
  12. Yes

    Guillotine for woman

    Noose for man

    Gas for gypsy

    I wourld quite hate stand inside accuse criminal room in Germany, the judge in red robe and hat look so scary.
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  14. he needs to be put into one of those old school guillotine things with the arms and head secured in wood. Then the whole town gets to whip rocks and tomatoes at his face until he dies.

    Then we wouldn't have this kind of shit happen anymore
  15. Indeed, the middle ages were essentially crime free.
  16. Germany does not have death penalty
  17. they do have chemical castration, however.
  18. What?!?
  19. Whatever, let's just get rid of him already.
  20. Not sure if you're shocked or positively surprised here
  21. yesh
    friend of a friend story...my buddy's from someplace way north of Edmonton - he used to hang out with a dude who later on had a bit of a fight with his best friend at a party, left, came back a couple hours later with his hunting gun, shot his best friend in the head while he's asleep...my friend goes home to northern Alberta less than a year and a half later and runs into this killer dude at a bar. Guy served like 15 months of his sentence or something.
  22. Germany does not have the death penalty, and they have an extradition law that will not allow extradition if the suspect would face the death penalty.
  23. Everybody deserves a second chance, you heartless bastard.
  24. Not sure if you meant positively surprised, or pleasantly surprised.
  25. they do have chemical castration, however.

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