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Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by BurnOut3:16, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. You can get a beamer Z3 for this price
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    Right, but the BMW is slower. You'd need at least a 240-hp M Roadster to beat this one. Even the Z3 3.0 would have a tough time beating this one in a straight line or on a track. And the M Roadsters start(ed) about $5K more than this car, and when optioned up are in a totally different price bracket altogether. They do have a wonderfully linear powerband, though.
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    This car is WAY too thoroughly enginered to be considered over-priced at it's current price.

    If anything it makes a Z3 look overpriced.
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    exactly id take this over a z3 anyday. I mean 2 liter engine, 240 hp normally aspired, WOW! This is amazing. Revs to 8300 rpm, that must be amazing to experience.
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    After two years, this little car is still as much fun to drive as the day we got it. An added bonus is that nothing has gone wrong with it. It's worth the 30K.
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    z3 over s2000? oOOkay.....
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    this car makes the z4 look overpriced. i'd never take a z3 over this car. i dont think anyone in their right mind who knows about cars would. the only reason people do is cause of the name and don't get me wrong.. BMWs are awesome cars, they really are. but i feel they're too overpriced for their performance.
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    First, the bimmer Z3, for the most part, is one for the posers. Structurally the car is lackluster. Even though it sports a fantastic range of bimmer engines, they all end up in a chassis that doesn't seem to want them. The coupes do better as the roof reduces the flex, but the dynamics are still lacking. The Z3 M coupe is the best in the whole range, but it's too close to the superior M3 to make any real sense. The S2000 pushes out so much while working with so little, and therefore bows to no one.
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    NO HONDA should be on supercars, this is NOT a supercar. However it is a well built nicely thought out sportscar. I've had the pleasure of being in one and they are fun!

    The Killer
  10. First off the Mustang GT for those who do NOT know doesn't produce 350 Horses, it's only 260, the Mach one is 300, and the Cobra is 390, now that I explained that part I will address another issue. This is a 4 cylinder engine and should NOT cost upwards of 30 grand and it does! Second 240 horsepower is not impressive because horsepower does NOT make a car move. I.E. all Honda's are known to have 700 hp's and 2 Ft Lbs of torque. (Of course I'm exagerating here) you can have those figures and an automobile wouldn't be able to move out of the driveway. It is torque which is twisting force that makes a car move. All this Bullsh!@#t about horsepower is false, period. Horsepower is volumetric air flow through the motor. Torque is force that makes the engine turn, and it makes the car move. If you have 240 horsepower at 7800 RPM's and 161 ft lbs of torque at 6500 your underpowering the mass in motion. It takes too much time to get to 7800 rpm's, meanwhile a V-8 is already there in it's powerband down LOW around 3500 rpm's and smoking your @ss! THUMBS DOWN ON THIS CAR BEING A SUPERCAR, Or even a decent purchase!

    The Killer
  11. Damn! I was going to say something to that effect, but I'm just out of things to make a point about after that post. Good job, and keep posting.
  12. the car is not a drag car. its a road car and can handle with cars priced 3x as much.
  13. Wow! I was hoping ignorance didn't come with long-windedness. Maybe I'm the exception to my hope - I don't know.

    Horespower is "volumetric air flow???" Last I checked, I think not. Horsepower is a function of RPM and the all-important-to-you TORQUE. Without torque, there is no horsepower. Without RPM, there is no horsepower. That simple. The S2000 pulls fine from just about any RPM. Beilieve me - I've driven one (2003 model) on many occasions. Now, we'll move on to "smoking your @ss!" If you care to take on an S2000, I'm sure I can arrange that and we'll see who smokes whom. The really sad thing is that you don't realize that the S2000 can take a Mustang GT of the same model year in just about every aspect, except number of cylinders and amount of gas consumed under acceleration. If you've blown away an S2000, I'd take a serious look at if the other driver redlined it (or even entered VTEC), or even floored it. You also have to consider that a fast car means nothing if launched improperly. Also, have fun keeping up in the rain when the S2000 can get near full acceleration in wet as in dry.

    Each car has their respective high points. I'm not saying that you should like the S2000. I just think it deserves a little respect. I may sound like I don't respect Mustangs, but when I'm in the market for a car in that price bracket, I will serously consider it. I only attack the Mustang because you attack the S2000. I also wonder how much money is saved by the Mustang being a domestic, vs. the S2000 imported from Japan? Just a thought about the concept of decent purchases.

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