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  1. For that sort of money I'd rather get a 360 Modena or a 996 Turbo...both faster and better looking IMO. Actually if you could afford this you'd probably be able to move up to a 911GT2 and kick everyone's ass...just my opinion.

    This is by no means a bad car though...jus wish it came in coupe form.

    What do you guys think?<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, a Turbo is faster.
    A DB7 more stylish
    an SL55 AMG more luxurious
    a 360 Mean and more of a head-turner<!-- Signature -->
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    C'mon. I like the GT2, but it looks like a 996 Turbo, which looks like a 996, which (from various angles) looks a LOT like a Boxster. And have fun driving that GT2 on the street with its SOLID METAL control arm "bushings" and driveway-scraping front spoiler.

    The Z8, on the other hand, looks like nothing else. And (unlike the 360 and GT2) makes no concessions to daily drivability. DB7? Nice looking car. But in performance, the Z8 literally hands that car its ass on a platter.
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    what do you mean over priced dumass you didnt even say how much it cost?
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    it costs about $160.000 in my country, I don't know it's price in Germany but I think it is around $130.000
    too much money for this car, there are way better vehicles for less money

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    The price is in the stats here on the site

    Base Price - $128 000 USD

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    ya your right. id rather get a better car for that price but i wouldnt mind having this car
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    i definitely think that this car is a beautiful car. not one of ,y favorites, but still very nice. the price, however, is almost appaling. this car is not meant to be in the same price range, and therefore comparison window, of cars like the 360 modena and the 911. i think that it should be way way less. it is not even close to the same caliber as those other cars.
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    dont get me wrong, but it is both a nice car to drive and a fast car too, but i must agree with anybody that the price is kind of steep, i say at the highest, maybe $60-80,000.
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    Not in my opinion, this has enough power for me.
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    i believe so too, my dad has a 360 modena, and my mom has a z8, id much rather have the 360, the z8 is a nice car, but the interior isnt that comfotable, adn the nav screen is so small and the sterio and radio setup sucks, there is nothing wrong with the 360, its awsomee
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    The thing about the Z8 is it's style
    and it's exclusitivity. It's a pure
    ( if a little overpriced ) V8 roadster. Yeah the aston and the benz are great,but wouldn't you want a car you see James Bond driving?
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    Oh yeah. My dad has a bentley arnage t and my mom has mclaren f1
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    How old are you?
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    don't get me wrpng, I wouldn't mind owning a Z8, but some cars appeal to me more.

    cars are never overpriced though, some are just too expensive for us.
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    considering the z8 costs about 35000 to 50000 less than a 360 spider, that the z8 pulls on the spider (yes, it's true), and handles just as well as the spider, it's not overpriced. I rarely hear people complain the 360 spider is overpriced, so before you wine about the z8 price, remember this post. The z8 is only the slightest bit les exciting (but better looking) than the 360, but that little extra thrill, is it really worth 45 000? For the 360s money i can have a z8, which is one fantastic automobile, AND and m3, which is the best all round car on the market today.
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    the worst BMW ever, who agrees? get a TVR tuscan,porsche 911 turbo a ferrari 360 or why buy the new lamborghini gallardo.for gods sake........
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    Dude! The 360 costs over $165k! This, in my opinion is the greatest car you can get for this price.

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