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    If we don't compare a McLaren to a Lamborghini or Ferrari then what should be compare it to? I don't really know that much million dollar cars out there. So are you saying that McLaren is in a class of its own?
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    I dont get what he is talking about. Maybe it would make sense in a mclaren F1 forum(the street car not the race) but in a formula 1 mclaren mercades forum ive only seen it compared it other formula one cars.<!-- Signature -->
  3. This car is great. . .but its a million dollar car!! You uneducated people always think this is the greatest car in the world, because your comparing it to 260,000 dollar lamborghini!! When im lookin at my du pont magazine in school, all the dumbasses who dont no about cars or engines, they all say, "is there a Mclaren in there?" I think most off the people on this siteare as dumb as thme, not all but most, those of you who arent know who you are. SO my point. . .dont compare an apple to an orange. If Lamborghini or ferrari put a million dollars into a car, it would do just as good if not better.

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