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  1. opel is owned by GM and iam amased that GM hasent #$%#ed this car up yet
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    You think GM #$%^s up cars? You sir, are a fool. GM is #1 right now in powertrain reliablility and #2 overall, in the world. In fact, this very car has a GM engine and transmission in it. The only reason that GM hasn't brought it over here yet is that it doesn't meet crash-test requirements. FYI, that's why most foreign cars aren't imported, it usually isn't because of emissions.
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    GM makes the engine that powers this car dumbass.

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    GM owns opel! and has done so for like the past 70 years or so!
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    You sir, are an ass. GM messes virtually everything that they touch up, and I am amazed, as well, that the design and function is still so conservative.
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    hey guy's, a pretty new site(awesome forum), just about 2 month's old is about opel's etc.,it's a good forum, just need a username and e-ail to register and you post away.talk about opel, the speedster, the astra coupe dtm v8 race car, or any other opel/vauxhall you like,own,etc.
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    Dont advertise here dipshit

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