Owners of the Corvette: Beware the 2003 Cobra, it WILL eat you.

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible' started by May Spin, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. LOL vette versus cobra makes me lauph man, i raced a vette in my 1997 mustang not even gt but it got its ass HANDED but it was only a v6, next day i ordered a cobra , I've tooken on 5! vettes in it , never lost to 1. plus vettes are crap , cobras are WAY better , u can put bodykits on them , make the whole thing fiber glass and still look nicer with cobra R or saleen or steeda or many other bodykits, put a aftermarket supercharger kit and up my HP 600+ and it'll still cost less then a vette, and check up on the 0-60 records, a skyline is first , mustang/cobra is second and vette is third. Plus how is the corvette sexy? only ppl that drive them are old men, So next time any of ya OLD MEN are going from vancouver to seattle or anywhere on the highway around there and u see a Red cobra with Z3 fenders and cobra R bumper and hood, rev ur damn engines and i'll make sure u get a good look of how nice the cobras tail lights are

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