Ownership - Enzo or F1?

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  1. The problem is that you later stated your dilemma as, quote: "So....3 seats....unmistakable Ferrari.....3 seats....Ferrari....damn I dunno." I never said that there is a 3seater ENZO, just like you didn't write "So....3 seats....unmistakable Ferrari ENZO.....3 seats....Ferrari ENZO....damn I dunno." So in fact the dilemma is over, since I presented you an option that satisfies BOTH criteria - the 3seats and Ferrari badge.

  2. The 365P may have been the first car to put the three seat layout in practice, but Ian Gordon Murray has been doodling the design since his college years. Over 20 years have gone by before he was assigned technical director of Project 1 giving him time to perfect the lay out. Much like the Ferrari, both designs have the passenger seats sit aft of the driver. But what sets them apart is that the driver seat overlaps the both passenger seats just slightly to make the cabin narrower and thus saving space all the while not sacraficing comfort or visibility of niether passenger or driver. Also the F1 was built at a time with more stringent safety regulations (I'm not sure if the Ferrari even has seat belts?). Also, what would win in court is who has the patent for the idea, and that would go to McLAren Cars, Ltd.

    Even though the Pininfarina design and Murray design are worlds apart, they are the same basic idea. You could say that Ferrari were the first to apply it to a road car, and McLaren were the first to perfect it.
  3. Oh come on - give him credit for bringing the passenger seats a couple of cm closer to each other? AND that took him 20 years? No... I think that's overdoing it. I don't give about patents either - that's just a formality.
  4. Meh...Whatever you say. It didn't take him 20 years, he was granted the opprotunity to make his idea a reality in 1989. Before that he was busy designing Championship-winning Formula-1 cars.

    Space saving and design packaging in small dimension was somewhat of a fetish with Murray. He and his team spent months in a mock up seating buck to get the most from the layout. If you look at the pictures of the seats and compare them with the other layout, you will see that they are worlds apart.
  5. F1, fantastic to drive, fantastic to look at, fantastic to be in. The enzo was designed with 3 seats but it never went ahead.
  6. Fools!

    Anyone with balls as big as their bank account wouldn't be able to resist the McLaren. Of course, if one were to want a car to creep around the strip on saturday nights looking for sluts/drag racing, a Ferrari has long been the perfect companion; the Enzo currently holds this mark, as anyone tooling around in a Testarossa will be mocked or beaten and will never be able to shake the Miami Vice stigma while he owns the car, and all the F-40's are tucked into carpeted garages. The F-50, i've read was actually the best driver's car ferrari ever made, but the looked horrible and noone bought one, which makes their reason for existence a little unjustified I guess.

    The McLaren and Ferrari squads have produced two cars with very specific markets and performance goals, but the Macca is the more focused of the two, what with its lack of power steering, power brakes, and other accessories that aren's strictly needed for the exquisite art of hauling ass. It takes someone who can accept that they're most likely going to crash into something if they drive like a fool. That there is almost nothing that they can hit that will be less expensive than their car is a small consolation, but the embarassment would likely cause one to abandon friends and family and move to canada to squander the remainder of one's dignity by looking for bears to knife-fight with.

    A fool could drive the Enzo many times and survive pride intact. It's got a pussy-oriented semi-sequential/auto gearbox that fat Jr. high chicks could use to shift faster than Sterling Moss, a nice, cuddly electronic nanny that keeps the front and back wheels in line, and, from what I hear, you get your own personalized seats and pedals, which is sweet of them.

    After Gordon Murray finished his dream project, he said that he reckoned that there'd never be another. The Mclaren is really not even in the running for whatever top speed nonsense you kids enjoy to dick about with on this thing. It was the last pure driver's tool with truly ball-crushing performance. We've got the elise and Vauxhaul VX 220R, and I suppose that all the lonely catterhams and seven copies can be included, but nothing like the F1 will ever rear its monsterous head again, DOT, MOT, and NAACP would never allow something so dangerous to fall into fifty-cent's hands.

    After all, Jessica Simpson drives a Mclaren-Mercedes SLR. The days of the Mclaren are over, but of course I'd take one over the Enzo, thought both would get you where you're going faster than you'd ever need to be there.
  7. Owning a Mclaren I should have to go with the F1
  8. Hey land quail.. noone bought an F50? well that's funny because I saw one on the streets! Hm... must have been my imagination, eh?
  9. An F1 would eat a Enzo! The are hardly in the same league!
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    Maybe if you are talking about a drag race then the F1 would beat the Enzo. Otherwise the Ferrari would get the advantage on most tracks. The F1 was designed for the road, not race tracks.

    By the way, here is a thread about an F1 on the track with an Enzo...

  11. Yup... I agree - the drag would probably belong to McLaren. But if we're talking race track, I see the Enzo up front.

    And indigo97 - why are they a different league? Take the figures from SC.net. Power, torque, acceleration, ouput/litre etc. are more or less the same. Of course SC have been known before to mess figures up a bit, but then again the ones presented have to be more or less accurate... thus putting the two cars more or less in the same league.
  12. Of course the Enzo is extremly cool but for me the f1 is the best car ever. But the biggest problem is the money 1.25 million US Dollars this is very expensive.
    And the enzo isn't much cheaper so if I would have the money I would buy the F1.
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    Obviously the modern and semi-practical Enzo. F1 was a great car, but a #%!@ to own. It's funny that you should bring this up, because fifth gear made an entire video about this featuring a man who actually owns both (lucky bastard)! Check it out:
  14. I get a F1 over a enzo anyday. But i would probably do some work on the interior. lol to whoever said having two hawt chicks next to you (which would probably happen since it is a million dollar car).
  15. not just and million dollar car, its a McLaren F1!!!

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