p-shop help? punk jew

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aequitas, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. can someone photoshop a traditional jewish guy/group of guys, with punk outfittings. not too much, but definitly boots
  2. hahaha
  3. bump once now, and once in a dif time zone. its lame but its important to me. yes
  4. last bump, different people
  5. someone has to make a first step
  6. why the hell would you want to do that?
  7. there's a genre of punk called oi, and i wanted to make a play on the jewsh oy vey thing

    edit: for friends
  8. And he was like #$%# you, and I told him " #$%# you you fat #$%#" and he was like "#$%# you you #$%#ing jew" and I was like don't be so #$%#ing racist
  9. Post pics of Jewish emos
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