P400 SV vs. LP670-4 SV

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by F50Fanatic, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. you know what...Im 25 not 105. Not much into posing but I love power, speed and loud high revving V12s.

    670hp Murcielago please.
  2. I guarantee you the Miura is louder.
  3. LP. Driving a lamborghini after a snow storm is some type of fantasy of mine.

    Plus driving acouple hundred miles without it going up in flames is always a plus. The Muira I would keep in a climate controlled garage, the LP670 would be on the street.
  4. p400 for me
  5. Miura is beautiful, Murci is not.
    For a blast around the track? Murci SV

    For everything else? Miura.
  6. I take the Murcielago. Don't give a shit about the Miura.
  7. Just because I like the faster, more aggressive looking, more practical, and more thrilling car does not make me an idiot. If I have the keys to either, I'd take the cutting edge, modern, drivable supercar over the horribly unreliable and fragile garage queen any day. I'm betting those who voted Muira would too.
  8. Who dug up this gay old thread?

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