P800 vs Hayabusa

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    I wonder how they run with veyron
  2. Such a shitty rider. Holy shit.
  3. The GT-R is so awesome.
  4. Just straight line speed. Boring.
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    they both need to give this viper a try

  7. I'm betting that P800 will beat down the Hayabusa on a road course, just like the standard GT-R beats down the Z06 on a road course.
  8. And both would get blown into the undergrowth by the ZX10R, straight line or road course.

    0-180mph in a veyron beating 17.21 bone stock.

    But as this race showed, it all depends on the rider. The idiot in the video should get off the busa and get a huffy and some training wheels. hes making the rest of us suzuki owners look bad.
  9. Nice video quality for a night shoot.

    Damn it it looked horrible to see the bike overtake slower traffic on right side... Scary.

  10. Road course including the 'Ring? I doubt that. I also doubt a stock Hayabusa would take a stock GT-R. What are some ZX10R lap times?
  11. well the 07 yamaha R1 did the ring in 7:28.8

    A road legal k7 gsxr1000 did it in 7:17.0

    A stock MV Agusta F4 R 312 in 7:21.8

    All times are from performance bikes and fast bike magazines and two years old. The newer machines like the 09 R1 and 09 1000rr are much faster.
  12. Those are for a 19.1km track length vs the standard 20.6km length (excluding pit straight), aren't they? That works out to around 156 km/h avg vs 166 km/h for the stock GT-R.

    That isn't a stock GSXR1000.
  13. Like I said, all things considered, its all about the rider, the setup (since modern bikes have awesome adjustable suspensions that can make all the difference) and the tires. Put Spies on a prepped gsxr and you better bet your ass that the gixxer will hold its own on any track against pretty much any production car as much as any other 10,000 dollar machine.

    As far as out and out acceleration is considered, a decent rider on any of the new liter and hyperbikes, would slaughter this gtr till their 186mph restricted top speed.
  14. Impressive.
    I ride bike and I know how fast the 1000s are, but that's faster than I expected.
  15. Oh, I see what you done there. We went from
    - Hayabusa NOT beating a GT-R stock or otherwise on a road course to
    - ZX10R "blowing the GT-R into the weeds" based on similar bikes running an incomplete (BTG) 'Ring lap to
    - an ace racer on a "prepped" ie, non-stock, GSX-R "holding its own against production cars as much as any other 10,000 machine".
    Clever! A $10K bike doesn't have much else to do but cream a 4-passenger 3900-lb production GT road car, so the fact that you'd need a professional racer on a non-production bike to "hold its own" is pretty telling.
    A GSX-R modded to the level of that one costs 18,950 GBP, so quite a bit more than $10K even if you subtract the VAT. It's damn near 3x's the price of a standard GSX-R600 on which it's based. Modify a GT-R, ZR1, or ACR to 3x's their price and put Suzuki, Magnussen, or Colonel behind the wheels and do your theoretical comparo again.
  16. By prepped I meant the stock suspension settings adjusted for the particular track. Nothing non-production. And a 0 miles, stock 2008 zx10r will run you less than 10,000. And as far as pure production performance goes. There is nothing better in the world.

    You need a professional racer to get the most out of a motorcycle because, unlike cars, there are no assists and no room for mistakes. Plus thier limits are so high, that even professional racers have difficulty coming close to them. Modern superbikes are faster than you expect. All they need is a proper rider.

    But track racing is one thing, Im just satisfied with having a machine that will leave a mclaren f1 like its standing still.
  17. Also if money is no object, you can always build yourself an F1 car and beat anyone and everyone. But in the real world, where all of us live, money is actually an issue and in that regard, there is nothing that can beat the performance that a motorcycle offers.
  18. I understand what Ron Flash is coming from.
    The difference in money is translated to skill.
  19. ... That 10R result is amazing, I cant really understand how it can beat the new Busa to so close their top speeds. The fastest NOS and Turbo bikes went 0-300km/h in 14s this summer where I live.

    A car being as fast as a GT-R is demands respect and the fact that owning it requires more money tells about better financial status/success in life, which also gets a thumbs up from me.

    But then to defend Ron, riding is much more demanding than driving, especially nowadays when shifting is done with paddles.

    Peace people.
  20. What gives you that assumption? The 3rd run was pretty damn good for the Busa, nice launch and not short shifting.
  21. He could've launched much more aggressively with higher revs, it would spin a bit but its easily controllable and results in a much faster launch. Ive seen busas run 9s @ 150mph stock just by using a more aggressive launch.

    The tuck was horrible, body position during launch wasnt ideal as well, he shouldve been lying flat, way in the front with his legs all the way back during launch. Then put his ass as far back in the seat and hug the tank at speed. Elbows included. Shouldn't have weaved in his track so much. Should use clutchless shifting for the fastest shifts.

    Not to mention strap the front end and get some breathing mods and a 100 dollar de-restrictor chip.

    All this and the p800 wouldve seen his taillights all night long.
  22. I don't think there is anyone in this thread debating the performance/dollar ratio of bikes, or the need for a good rider. Bikes being what they are, they HAVE to be cheaper. Otherwise, no one except wealthy moguls would buy them. What is being debated is whether a well-ridden bike like a Hayabusa or ZX10R would beat or "blow into the weeds" an equally well-driven GT-R on any track including the 'Ring, as you originally intended. Based on the evidence you provided (BTG laps at the 'Ring), that answer seems to be "no."
  23. That GT-R sounds pretty good.
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    Shows you the difference the rider can makes. In the first video, the bike is being piloted by Leon Haslam, a world superbike racer. And even though its the basic 1098, which is the slowest of all the superbikes, Leon still has the lambo covered. If it was a newer bike like the 08 1000RR or 09 R1 the Lambo wouldn't have stood a chance.

    Second vid the ducati did lose by 3 seonds but not only was it partially wet (you can see the moisture on the track), the ducati was again the older and base 1098 instead of a newer bike.

    On dry track with a professional rider and a zx10r WILL take down a GTR.
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    1st video:
    "Having the Lambo covered" is quite a bit different from "blowing it into the weeds." And that Lambo is slower on the Nordschleife than the GT-R anyway...

    2nd video:
    Professional bike racer loses by 3+ seconds against a *journalist* in a GT-R, on a track designed for bikes. Imagine if it was Toshio Suzuki driving that Nissan.
    So what if it was partially wet? In the corners where you don't see the moisture, the GT-R was still faster. You can find a video of T. Suzuki lapping a wet 'Ring in over 9 minutes too. Plus the differing coefficients of grip on a partially wet track will play havoc with the GT-R's stability control system (not a problem for a pro GT-R driver like Suzuki who always laps best with systems off on the 'Ring which has wildly fluctuations in grip even in dry conditions).

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