P800 vs Hayabusa

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  1. The rider in the second vid isnt even close to someone of Spies/Haslam's caliber. matter of fact, doesnt mention that hes a professional racer anywhere.

    And like I mentioned the 1098 is the slowest of all the literbikes. On a 2 minute lap, its consistently 4-6 seconds slower than the Japanese competition. Also to note is that the 1098 was introduced in 2007, which means that its a whole generation older than modern bikes. It wasnt the fastest of its generation to begin with.

    yet still it remained within 3 seconds of the gtr even despite the wet track which affects the bike much more than the car.

    This can go back and forth all day but at the end of the day, a professionally ridden motorcycle will beat the gtr. The gtr is fast but not T1/gumpert fast.
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    You don't have to be T1/gumpert fast to beat a bike.

    He's not an international rider like Spies, but he is a racer in GB and is Road Test Editor for Fast Bikes magazine. Here are just some of his races:

    And Dale Lomas not only rides for one of the mags in question, he's a driving instructor on the Nurburgring itself. You might need to give Spies 50 laps before he could turn a lap similar to Lomas; the 'Ring isn't quite like any other track...

    I don't think Sutcliffe is nearly as qualified to drive a GT-R to its true limit.
    You don't know how much more a wet track affects the bike than the 3900-lb car on near semi-slicks. The stability & traction control of the GT-R has also been known to unnecessarily inhibit power on hilly courses, and that's what that track appears to be. Not to mention that in some sections, due to its sheer width on a track designed for motorcycles, the GT-R has fewer liberties when it comes to the ideal line; where a car has to physically turn, the motorcycle can take the section flat out.

    1098 is consistently 4-6 seconds slower than the Japanese competition on a 2-minute lap? Maybe. But this test doesn't show that:

    Fastest Pahrump, 2.2 mi course lap
    Kawasaki - 1:39.9
    Ducati - 1:41.3 (1.4s slower than ZX10R, but FASTER than the Yahama and Suzuki)

    And if you don't think a driver makes a difference in a car, look at the 10-20 second spread in GT-R 'Ring times among Nissan's own test crew. Look at the ~21s time difference between GM's test driver in the C6 Corvette and what Sport Auto achieved.

    You can only GUESS that a professionally ridden motorcycle (like the ZX10R, not the Hayabusa) MIGHT beat a professionally driven GT-R. And if you're saying you NEED a professionally ridden bike to do that, then it undermines your bang/buck argument somewhat: On any given twisting mountain road, it just might be that a typical GT-R owner will be faster than a typical (ie, non-professional) rider.
  3. Few weeks ago I races yellow 1999 600cc Suzuki, dont remember that bike name, with my 1999 manual S8.
    We raced from a roll 60-80km/h few times.
    I totally ruined it on high speeds
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    Thats the much faster 1198 model which came out this year. Yet still its more than 2 seconds slower than the Honda at thunderhill. Japanese bikes keep getting whole seconds faster and faster every single year.

    And its true, most motorcycle riders on literbikes just buy them for the power and dont really know how much racing development these machines go through. Thats the reason you see videos like the one posted in this thread. But not every gtr owner is a race car driver either. Granted a typical gtr owner can get more from his car than the typical literbike owner gets from his bike, As soon as you run into someone who knows what hes doing a bike. Straight line or twisties, the bike WILL be faster. Railing corners at 120mph without a metal cage around you is not for everyone but if someone can do it, they can definitely give a challenge to a fast car.

    I stand by my statement, dry track, a new literbike with a properly setup suspension, a professional rider will take down the GTR.
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    Some more figures on that P800:
    2,9sec. - 100kmh
    8,2sec.- 200kmh
    19,5sec. (19,7)- 300kmh

    Considering the Hayabusa, with a professional rider, took 18.25s to reach 180 mph, it's entirely believable that this GT-R could have matched or beaten the Hayabusa even with a pro rider to 186 mph.

    So now we must make the excuse that ZX-14 riders are shit too.
  6. ^Read this Ron Flash. You're fighting about such small increments of time that only matter to a clock; the rider in the video was very good and the race was reasonable.
  7. Very good? dude which video did you watch? My grandma wouldve launched/tucked better than him in the first race. And shes dead.

    As someone mentioned in that video, that p800 needs to come down to Houston and race some real bikes with riders who know what they are doing.
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    are you serious? 0:59, 1:36, 2:07, 2:49, 3:16, holy bad drag racing position batman. this clown is worse than the one on the busa.
  9. no one cares that babies from houston are somehow inherently better riders. the race vs. the busa was very legit; you are fighting mere 10ths of a second comparing a decent rider to a professional when it comes to dragging. the launches and shifting were very reasonable and the results would not have been night and day as you make it out to seem. at best, the bike would have gained a few car lengths, not completely left him in the dust.
  10. P800, 0-186 mph: 19.5s
    ZX-14, 0-180 mph (according to the chart you posted): 19.77s

    Even a good drag racing position would not have made the difference.
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    Well considering how close that horribly ridden 14 was, I think a good rider would take down the nissan till 150 and give it a good run for its money till 180.

    And running amateurs on stock bikes in a highly modified car might be impressive in russia, down here it just makes you a clown.

    Wonder how the p800 would do against a modified 14.

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    you base your judgments off of youtube videos. get some experience on a modified bike capable of 130 mph trap speeds and your opinion might matter. you sound a lot like a squid.
  13. Been riding dirt since 9, fast bikes since 15. My k6 trapped over 145 in the 9s last time I took it out. Stock wheelbase/height with just breathing mods and 35f/30r psi.

    My bros k7 on the other hands traps over 150 deep into the 9s.
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    You are basing your opinion on bike results that may have been achieved in great conditions. How do you know for a fact that an expertly ridden bike would beat the P800 in all conditions?
    Based on the data chart that you yourself provided, the well-ridden Hayabusa and ZX-14 would still be slower than the P800, and the ZX-10R would most definitely not blow the P800 into the undergrowth as you contend. Very possible the P800 is still faster.
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    Only resemblance of a test I found for the p800 was on their own video so Ill take the figures with a grain of salt.

    0-300 in 19.8

    And while it might be modified to the ass, the p800 is NOT faster than well ridden stock busa.

    18 seconds (184mph restricted top speed) – Suzuki Hayabusa
    19.8 seconds – Bugatti Veyron)


    Worth mentioning though is that the Ducati Desmocedici was recorded a 0-180mph in 16.59 seconds. Stock.


    the p800 is fast but not motorcycle fast. Only reason the busa/zx14 in the videos lost is because the riders cant ride for shit and its a highly modified car against a stock bike.
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    1.8 second for a 2 mph difference at those kinds of speeds is well within tolerance. You can't say for sure that a stock Hayabusa is faster. A McLaren SLR has been timed to the same exact 300 kph in 30.6s in one test, yet in another year it took 36.9s. Take a look at the most recent two 0-300 tests for the CTS-V (German-spec silver car wearing the same plate in both tests):
    94.0s (Auto Motor und Sport)
    69.3 (Sport Auto)

    How do you know the P800 wouldn't be even faster if it had a 23-mph three-quarter rear tailwind like the Desmocedici? Like I said: ideal conditions.
    0-180 is not the same as 0-186.
  17. This guy has awesome GTR and is driving at 4:30AM in Moscow to post it on youtube/for you/for me. And you are calling him clown?
    Go #$%# your older brother and yourself you #$%#ing dick of clown.
    Post videos of you riding bikes with #$%#ing 300km/h you dickhead or shut the #$%# up
  18. No need to get all worked up tinkerbell. Go take a walk and calm your #%[email protected] ass down.

    And add something worthwile next time, atleast Guibo has the facts to back up his comments. You on the other hand sound like youre having your period.
  19. And no one is commenting about how these idiots are doing 200mph in traffic? Holy shit.
  20. The fact is that you are a theoretical dickhead who has no idea in practise. As 99% of internet clown dicks like you.
    I'd vomit on your face
  21. Equal conditions, the p800 will be slower to 186 than all the stock bikes I mentioned. 1000 hp/ton competition developed machines say that.

    Equally modified, the p800 would be left like its chained to the ground. 7 second 200+mph trapping street legal busas say that.

    All this video proves is that it takes a highly modified car to run with stock bikes with shitty riders.

    If you want to see real racing, come down to houston and see what a turbo busa can do to a 1300+whp ford gt.
  22. Wait. How do you know for a fact the P800 could not beat that Ducati's 0-180 time with a 23-mph angled tailwind like the bike had?

    Based on the last data point before 180 mph (140), it would have taken the Ducati over a second to travel an extra 6 mph to reach the 300 kph point. But this is *average* acceleration from 140 to 180. The reality is that if you were to measure the instantaneous acceleration from 180 mph and extrapolate the time to 186, it would be more than 1 second by quite some margin. And if it took the Ducati 25.4s to reach 190.78 mph like the data suggests, then for sure it would be way over 1s, more like ~5s. That means a 0-186 time of almost 22s, which is more than 2s slower than the P800.

    That Ducati won't be delivering 1000hp/tonne with a 180-lb rider aboard.

    It just happens that both the Hayabusa and ZX14 riders were shitty? LOL. Based on the performance of the bikes in the chart that you posted, the well-ridden bikes wouldn't have fared much better against the Russian P800.
  23. Ive been riding fast bikes for more than 10 years. And yes those riders are shit, they have no clue what to do with the machines they have. They look like they just went and bought the fastest name they knew.

    Watching the races, they have absolutely NO clue how to position themselves or launch with a little bit of wheelspin. They are even using the clutch to shift which says a lot about how much they know about drag racing. Plus I bet they didnt even reduce the rear tire pressure before the races. Not to mention they are hitting 180mph in traffic which shows what they know about racing in the first place.

    And the faster you go, the better chance the p800 has. Simple as that, to 186 it will get smoked. Over that itll be faster. But again, you are comparing a highly modified car specially tuned for high speeds to a stock 10k bike off the showroom floor. Why not compare it to a similarly modified one?

    Barely keeping up with stock bikes is nothing to be proud of.
  24. Watching that video again, First race, the gtr jumps more than a second ahead of the busa, when the busa rider finally wakes up and launches like my grandma.

    second race, gtr picks up at 1:12 the 160mph signal flashes at 1:29. 17 seconds to 160.

    third race, gtr picks up at 1:52, speedo shows 277 kph or with a 5% speedo error 263kph or 161 mph at 2:10. Again 18 seconds to 160. speedo shows 320kph at 4:21, 29 seconds to 320 or a error corrected 300kph.

    race at 3:44, gtr launches, shows 320kph on the speedo at 4:13. AGAIN, 29 seconds to a 320 on the speedo. that's more like 300 kph when corrected for speedo error at that speeds.

    The 0-300 in 19.5 seems like bullshit to me, thats literbike territory.
  25. Hell the speedo says 304 at 2:16 which is 24 seconds after the start of the third race.

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