P800 vs Hayabusa

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  1. How do you know the 0-300 time of 19.8s was done at the same time as the races with the bikes? Notice I posted 2 times for the P800. One was the official timing device at the event, the other is from their RaceLogic device. Two different devices agreeing to within fractions of a second.
    Like I said, the very same exact car on different days can produce a difference of 24.7s to 300 kph (CTS-V as tested by Sport Auto and Auto Motor und Sport).

    Why are we comparing modified car to stock bike? Because you said the *stock* bikes would blow away the car. The data chart that you yourself provided, with performances from well-ridden bikes, says otherwise.
  2. if the speedo says 300 its more like 270-280 actual speed. the car in the video is taking around 30 seconds to reach actual 300 while a literbike does it in under 20.

    We can argue about this forever but I maintain that stock literbikes will waste the p800 in the video to 186. I say this because I know first hand how hard a literbike bangs into its limiter and that p800 just doesn't accelerate like that. Not to mention the riders in that video are utter amateurs at launching a motorcycle quickly and make the car look faster than it is.

    And The p800 that was actually time could have a whole lot of stuff done to it, turning up the boost for a run is easy. I wont believe the 19.5 time to 300 because firstly, the video doesn't show that, second its not independently tested where the power the car is making is verified. But as far as the car in the video goes, fast, but not even close to literbike fast.

    Unless the rider cant ride, busas/literbikes are quicker than that car to 300. The last race where the 2000 busa beats it is proof.
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