Pacquiao vs Márquez

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Pacquiao vs Márquez

    Awesome fight tonight.

    Márquez might be on his way out, but he's the only fighter that Pacquiao hasn't steam-rolled over.

    If Márquez can hang with him, like he's done before, this will be one hell of a fight.

    ***Sets thread on a hook and waits for Blake(Blurke) to bite.***
  2. Ive got to work tonight. Hopefully the higher ups order it. Theyve ordered a few fights, and weve got some big projectors
  3. So... I was watching, and the cable company decided to make all their costumers really unhappy. This sucks.
  4. I like this fight, a lot of punch and doesn't
  5. i love punching my own dick so mcuh
  6. Punch your dick with a knife you turk trashcan
  7. You guys can't not talk about cock.
  8. Asia has the best fighters.
  9. Didnt get to watch. Reading about it, definitely one ill have to watch.

    Mr z28, what happened? Did it cut out in a the middleof the fight? Id have tossed my beer through the tv
  10. People who i trust said marquez won, which means we still get the pac floyd fight, which floyd will win anyway.
  11. Once again, marquez won de figth and they stole it from him
  12. It finally worked in the end. The fight was amazing. Márquez is the perfect match for Pacquiao. The fight could have gone either way, but I certainly don't agree with the judge that scored it 112-116 in favor of Pacquiao.

    It felt like the Cotto-Mosley fight(but of course, a lot less boring), where Cotto won more rounds, but the rounds Mosley won were more clearly in his favor.
  13. I really want Pacquiao to kill Mayweather, but when someone is able to counter-punch him, he never looks as good. He has been fighting bigger guys who are too slow to counter-punch him for a long time.

    Mayweather is a BEAST where Pacquiao is(relatively) weak, and I can see him giving a lot of trouble to Pacquiao if he keeps his distance and counters as Pacquiao lunges in.
  14. what are they fighting about
  15. Judges always award the fight to the fighter whos showing more aggressionwhen its close like that

    I don't see how you can reward a counter puncherwith more points especially since pac never really got slowed down
  16. lol wtf you tlaking about
  17. how many g of portein before fight
  18. Hey I like pacyyo he's mr sang in my book
    Scrappy little guy I wanted himm to knock a Spanish trash turkcan out
  19. #$%#in missed the fight because too lazy

    Saw that pos ufc heavyweight championship fight on fox though.

    Apparently next May 5th is a possible date for a fight with Mayweather if it ever happens. Probably won't though. Floyd u suck
  20. I prefer Brok Lesnar or Stone Cold Austin over them.
  21. i want to see allistair overeem do some boxing.
  22. And I prefer Michael Jordan and Sammy Sosa over them.

    Not Sammy Sosa lol jk
  23. Brock Lesnar is a fUcking FAGGOT and Stone Cold is not even a real fUcking fighter so

    nice try Vicious
    you fUcking tUrk garbage can
  24. Brock Lesnar will beat allistair overeem. dec 30th, 10pm eastern

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