Paddle Shift??

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  1. So this thing has the new paddle shift that BMW had been advertising eh??

    sounds good to me...
    I've heard that BMW doesn't let any M cars come equiped with an auto tranny. Does that apply to sticks and electronic thinggys like the SMG system??

    Does SMG come with an automatic override? sorta like manumatic or tiptronic?

    I personally think SMG's just going to make the CSL less drivable on the streets. just like the ferraris. there's no room to stretch this car's legs.
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    According to the last source I read, for the manual modes of the transmission, there is no override. There are however 5 different speeds of automatic shifting available with this car and 6 manual methods. The difference between is the amount of time taken to make the shift. I think this system is more advanced than the Ferrari's; so, I think it would be more drivable.<!-- Signature -->
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    it says it has the 6 speed SMG (under transmission)so ya it has "paddle shift"
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    This car would be fun to drive even if it didnt have paddle shifting so it really doesnt matter.
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    I can tell you haven't driven with a paddle shift... have you??
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    paddle or electrohydraullic shifting was developed for formula one becuase on certain tracks (monaco for example) the guys driving the cars would get their hands blistered from shifting so much. originally this developed into what we know as manumatic where you have control over the shifting, but the car automatically shifts near or at redline if you forget. however this was later dropped because it did not give driveers the oppurutnity to shortshift if it were deemed necessary. in addition it was just much more of a hassle sometimes in downshift.

    sequential gearboxes are better than manual because they can execute the shift more precisely and faster than a human can. in addition it has the safety feature as to the driver not overrevving the car on downshift by accident.
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    this car would be better with a normal manual transmission i think. they should give the csl a paddle shift when all the normal m's have manual. what they should do is give it more of a racing tuned clutch and tranny
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    explain how SMG is worse than a manual other than it's 0.1-0.2 sec slower 0-60 times in the standard M3? You can't misshift the SMG, you have the option of using an automatic in heavy traffic or on long slow trips through city streets, and it executes the shifts faster than most people can shift a manual.
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    right on! its funny how i posted that and alexey didn't even seem to notice the part about smg being faster.

    anyhow bmw owners have the satisfaction of knowing the only smg system more advanced than the ones they have are used by ralf schumacher and the bmw williams team.
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    yes the bmw smg has 5 automatic modes
    and car and driver says they are considerably better than the auto mode in the 360 ferrari
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    SMG shifts in 80 miliseconds or something, that is #$%#ing crazy.. you are only going to decrease the 0-60 time using the SMG

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